Yance Ford | Sundance Film Festival

What can the next
generation of filmmakers do to ensure a diverse set
of voices are represented and everyone can picture
themselves on screen? The next generation of
filmmakers in my opinion can work collaboratively with one another to ensure that the
problems of representation, access, and ability to
tell one’s own story is completely dead with my generation. You guys have to work together, share your resources, pool your ideas, share your cameras, don’t let anything stand in your way. But most of all, find your allies, be one another’s ally, and be an ally to someone
that you don’t know. If you’re not a filmmaker, and you want to support creatives, find a community,
organization where you live, and donate so they can support
aspiring filmmakers as well. When I hear the words creativity for all, for me that means a tremendous
amount of excitement for me that means going
into an unknown future in the creative space, but knowing that that future is gonna be informed, and made, and shaped by people who
I am dying to hear from. So creativity for all means that I get to enjoy everything that you guys wanna make. So get to making.

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