Wilmer Valderrama | Sundance Film Festival

I think at the beginning of my career,
when I was 16, 17-years old, before I booked “That 70’s
Show” and did my first film, I think the first
obstacle was to, you know, get in my head that I was no
different than anybody else because I was completely outnumbered on mainstream television and on film. And to be able to know that
my contribution was one of an actor, of an artist,
and not necessarily because I was a token anything. Once I got past that, I started blossoming in many different types of characters and did a lot of film. And even had the audacity of thinking that I could be a producer
and a DGA director and then became all of it. Purely for not losing
the innocence and knowing that this obstacle was mostly in my mind. Even if it was real and it was a threat to where I wanted to go, I
felt that this was the way to go about it. And so, that was the
obstacle that I hacked down and I’m here now and I’m turning 40.

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