1. COPPA is going to crush every channel now. Goodbye, guys. I’ll be on Twitch forever. The FTC has caused enough damage to the platform, so I suggest we make our own funeral tribute videos to YouTube. If YouTube gets shut down, then so does Google.

  2. I'm doing everything I can to protest. I don't make any money, but I don't want the government that I can only comment on stuff that goes against my values. So until this stops, I'll be targeting kids simply to scare them, and everything I post will be marked as for kids. Kid content creators would be wise enough to do the same thing- after all, they're not making money posting family-friendly content anyway, so why even bother?

  3. I have 674k subs and have a revenue drop of 80%. This is not only because of losing targeted ads but also the new algorithm screwed up my views. I have both kids and non kids content but most of my views come from made for kids videos. Also the FTC hasn’t done their sweep yet so they could actually demand more types of videos be deemed made for kids. Only time will tell but I hope it’ll get better and not worse.

  4. lost about 70% revenue as well as traffic on this channel and my other channel as well 'happy holistic Life'. I am not sure if it is because COPPA or not but happened literally right after it started! My channels are both set as not made for kids but still seem to have gotten affected.

  5. Our rev down about 60% year over year, but views have been steady. One possible reason that older/larger channels have maintained views might be because the videos currently driving traffic for the top “made for kids” channels were uploaded 2015-2018 (none of the channels’ newer videos are ranking in their top 10). So the algorithm seems to be favouring videos with lots of accumulated watchtime as a guarantee of safety. That is hurting newer/smaller channels who don’t have a library of established high viewcount videos from 2017 to bolster their current traffic. Plus, it’s disincentivising new uploads. But as you said, the algorithm is new and will get better and better.

  6. My toy channel is still lucrative but not like before. I was getting 50k-200k views within the first 3 days of uploading and now I am lucky to get 5k views. I think this is due to my subscribers not being notified. I notice the videos pick up after a few weeks though.

  7. COPPA:

    Step 1:
    Why was videos and channels target into under thirteen?

    This all channels not available features.
    Features was premium on turned off.

    Step 2:
    10 million subscribers target kids?

  8. Thanks to this Coppa thing I can't make my "90s TV" playlist cause I can't save certain cartoons or 90s commercials due to it "Being for kids".😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  9. The main concern is that new subscribers to kids channels can't even turn on notifications! It appears that those who are currently subscribed with notifications on can keep them on, but new subscribers will have no way to get notifications! Therefore these channels will die over time as old subscribers leave and are replaced by those without notifications on.

  10. Although we are a music improvisation channel we have marked 'not made for kids' because older than 13 with some music playing ability is our audience. No change in views.

  11. Tim…I have watched like 100 of your videos man. Do you help people for pay? I just started uploading videos…..knew nothing about youtube. AT ALL when I started. I am up to close to 8,500 subscribers. I just upload…..as much as I can…that is my tactic. Let me know….I think I am cheating myself by not getting help from someone like you. Your videos are awesome

  12. Woo – I don't have a kids channel but I love Tim diving into the issues and giving his take. Always my fav segments. Thanks Tim 🙂 #Believe

  13. Ha check out a channel called 'Honey the Unicorn' and tell me that's not 1. Made for kids 2. Targetting kids. My point is the algo isn't fully working yet. Or maybe this will be one of the first yt channels to get a COPPA strike. Time will tell.
    Great video.

  14. I saw that if your video is "made for kids" then you will not be searchable or recommendations, but then no one can see your video. Then the app will become less popular. Plus the comments help share people's opinion on the video And why add notifacation bell if taken away? All of these things can and will effect the app. Less people will sign in and make accounts. The parents can control what the kids watch. If they are not ok with it they can take away their phone or force stop youtube. It is not our fault if the parents do not take responsibility of their children. We should not be affected. All of these changes to youtube will make the ratings drop. And the fine is unfair. No one can afford that. We are not all rich. I hope you can change this.

    Edit: I forgot a question. If I start a gacha account will I be affected? I do not cuss in vids, but it may include blood in some videos. Plus I do not have the app so i can not label it.

  15. Do I HAVE to say whether or not if my videos are for kids? Or can i say 'not selected?' My videos are kid friendly, there's no inappropriate content, but they're targeted towards anyone. I have them on 'for kids,' but my issue with that is that all this 'johhny johhny' and that kind of crap keeps appearing in the recommended when I go to watch one of my videos. I believe this is because i have on 'for kids.'

    Pls help me:(

  16. Video doesnt answer a question in the headline. Don waste your time. It is absolutely repeats what had been said about COPA already. Pass it.

  17. i have a gaming channel. i play fps,openworld,etc. now i dont intend my channel to be for kids but my content may attract children so what shouold i label my channel as?
    hoping you respond soon. Thanks

  18. Mine's not designated as made for kids, but I deleted 2 videos and marked 1 or 2 as for kids because I had some dragonball drawing.

  19. I have been on YouTube since 2011. While I may not have a million subscribers I do have dedicated subscribers who have been watching my channel for years. I decided not to make my entire channel marked for kids instead I mark individual videos. Doing this makes a big difference on how the audience is brought to your channel. Initially I lost 60% revenue. Currently now 40%. The biggest complaint I got is that any made for kids video the comments are turned off. I found out that you can post your video in your YouTube Channel community and people will able able to comment there instead. My views however do not seem to be affected. I still get the same amount of views. The notifications alert also still works if you post a video even if it's made for kids as long as your entire channel is not made for kids. That is my feedback so far. But I would like to get back to making my original revenue again. As someone else mentions I do feel as though YouTube is caters towards more bigger platforms.

  20. Our views are up by about 300-400% since December, but revenue is way down due to a huge drop in CPM of around 75-95%. However, the gain in views have all been due to our videos finally getting approved for the YouTube Kids app (went from 3 videos approved to around 50), so I'm not sure how much that factors into the CPM drop. It seems the Kids app is very poorly monetized. The last past week (last week of February, 2020) has seen the CPM increase a bit, but it's still very low at around $0.30 USD. The worst day in January saw a CPM of only $0.08, so hopefully the upward trend continues.

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