VLOG 4: Exploring Hong Kong, 5 days trip Part 1 (Attending a wedding, Victoria Peak, Lamma island)香港

Good morning! This way please! Hello! Bye Bye! Bye! Bye Bye! Bye! Enjoy! You take care! Roman, How was it? Thank you! Mr. Roman Everything very nice! Thank you! Good morning everyone! Or I probably should say good day
because it is 3 pm here already. It is a bit different start
compared to the previous ones and… when we were leaving it was rainy and dark so my original plan was to make
introduction at the Kansai Airport, but it failed because they moved our departure time earlier
and we had to hurry to the airplane to… and we were almost late so… it actually was my first time when we had… someone had at the airport
had to call my name to come to the gate. But anyway, we… We have arrived to Hong Kong and we are going to stay here for 4 nights. This is our room. Kan is a bit tired so she is resting right now. We have to go meet some friends next. I don’t know if I will take any video of that but the main reason for coming here
is to attend wedding of my friend whom I meet seven years ago
when I studies in Japan and a… also during those few days which I will spent here we will travel a bit around Hong Kong and… there will be probably some kind of
nature related vlog from the Hong Kong but also a bit of the city. And just to show you guys
the room where we are staying. it is quite small room but it’s enough for us and it has a nice view over the city. After a bit of a rest, we left hotel to meet my friends from my exchange
year in Japan seven years ago. Some of them I haven’t seen since then, so I didn’t want my camera
to be distraction and left it at the hotel. First, we went for an evening tea and then to see a sunset
from a place called Garden Hill. We had a great evening remembering the time
spend together in Japan and exchanging news. It was also the first time when Kan and
my friends from Hong Kong and Taiwan meet, which meant a hard time for me
trying to stretch my rusty Chinese skills to figure out what is so interesting
they are talking about me. So this is our second day already in Hong Kong and we just left our hotel. There is a lot of noise on the street so I don’t know if you can actually hear us but I will try to and a… a… Yesterday I didn’t film much because I was
quite tired and I was meeting my friends. So… a… and today morning we had to take care of
some things related to my friend’s wedding so a… it is a first time I am actually going
to visit some places today here. So the plan for today evening
is to see sunset from Victoria Peak and I don’t know if it will be possible
because it is quite cloudy at the moment although all the morning was very nice weather. So… but… Let’s see what will happen. So we just arrived to the Central. We have to change here to the tram. We are looking for our exit which is F. This was my second time visiting Victoria Peak. Last time I was here just to see a sunset. This time I was hoping to get some pictures and also maybe a time lapse of Symphony of Light laser show. The tram to the top, Victoria Peak and also Sky Terrace, which is the upper observatory
where you have to pay extra fee to get in, were all very crowded. For sunset shoot we were running late
and it was too cloudy for it anyway, so when arriving to the peak I was mostly hoping just to find a spot
where I could shot a time lapse for the vlog. We came to the tram one hour and
45 minutes before the start of the show. Lucky for us, it was right
before the arrival of bigger crowds, so we managed to get to the top in reasonable time. Also having Octopus subway card helped us a bit. We could use it to pay and skip the first queue which was just to buy tickets. After arrival to the peak first we found a lot of shops and some restaurants, but we headed directly to the Sky Terrace
to try to get a good spot there for the shot. I managed to set up my two cameras and after that It was just a lot of waiting. I will not call it enjoyable evening, because to get the time lapse, which you will see next, we had to stand still without moving anywhere for
3 hours protecting the cameras from being pushed. Because of that and also the huge
crowds I couldn’t vlog there either. I would rather preferred setting
my camera in some quiet place and then just sitting next to it and enjoying the sunset. Also the weather wasn’t really cooperating, but anyway here is the result which I managed to get in the given conditions. After finishing with time lapse, we left Sky Terrace and wandered
around the peak for a brief moment to scout possible locations for the future shoots. You don’t really need to pay
the extra fee and go to the top as there are plenty of places around from where you
can see the skyline of Hong Kong and the laser show. We were quite tired because of
standing a lot and the crowd, so before leaving we just took some pictures with
the phone to share immediately with family and friends and then returned to our Hotel. On the third day there was a wedding. I am sorry that I can only show you just a bit of it. I didn’t film that day except some pictures
and short videos with my phone and I also must respect
the privacy of the other guests. In the morning we had to dress up
and prepare ourselves. Around 2 o’clock we attended a wedding
ceremony held in Church close our Hotel. It lasted for two hours and compared
to the weddings I have been before in Finland this time the ceremony was by far
the most elaborate one. At the end of it there was a picture taking time. Here is a photo of us, newlyweds
and my friends from university time. Then there was a break for few hours after which everyone gathered
again for Wedding Banquet. This picture of us with newlyweds
was snapped on our arrival. There were a lot of guests and a lot of delicious food
which was brought to the table one dish at the time. Everyone was beautifully dressed, especially the newlywed couple who changed
their outfit few times during the evening. Also, even more friends from my university time arrived. They couldn’t make it to the wedding ceremony
and only attended the Banquet. We had a great time talking about the past
and current while enjoying the food, and of course we also took more group photos. For example here are some seven years ago and now comparison shots. It seems that we have grown up a bit, maybe just a bit, I hope. Then it was time to leave. I felt very lucky and thankful for being invited
to such event in a foreign country for me. Good morning everyone! Good morning! Good morning! There is just too many people
at the streets of Hong Kong so it is so hard for me to vlog there. So I kind of was looking for a small park
and there was one close to our hotel so I decided to make here
small speech about this trip because actually I haven’t filmed much yet and there is only two days left
before we have to leave back to the… back to the Japan. And a… Yesterday we were busy with
the wedding and everything and a… day before that we went to the Victoria Peak but I didn’t film there much because
there was also too many people for me to film and I was trying to do some time lapses
just to get some kind of content or something at least because the weather wasn’t cooperating at all. It was just cloudy and not really…, nothing interesting, but I will see what I actually can get from this vlog and… So right now we have only two days left and a… from now on we can just have own time so we are going to visit a small island
where I haven’t been yet and it is going to be a boat trip so it sounds like fun. Okay. What do you expect from today? Do you have any expectations? Haha… None! Haha… Okay! Let’s just go and see what will happen. We haven’t prepared at all for this trip,
so basically, we are just doing at random. Okay! Let’s go! After getting out of the subway we were a bit surprised because we had no idea what is going on. There was a lot of people just sitting on the ground
with what looked like all their belongings. Just a lot of people here! I didn’t expect that! Just insane crowd! I didn’t expect that at all. A lot of people, a lot of Philipine people. It is close to the port so maybe
it is related to that somehow. It seems that a lot of people from Philippines are coming to Hong Kong in hope
for a better life for them and their family. From our hotel located in Yau Ma Tei it took us two and half hour to get to
Lamma Island, including a small break to eat. Lamma Island is the third largest island in Hong Kong. It has a length of about seven kilometers
and a population of about six thousand. In contrast to the central parts of Hong Kong the place is very peaceful and has a lot of greenery. There are no cars except some service vehicles. After getting out of the boat the sense of
more relaxed atmosphere was imminent. Ahh… After wandering for a while along the lively streets
of a small idyllic fishing town, Yung Shue Wan, we felt a need to get a bit of food. Kan also wanted me to try some local street food, so we stopped at a place which looked
like a local fast food restaurant. I have to try some new food here that Kan ordered for me. So I am still not exactly sure about what is it exactly, but this is kind of tofu or something like that. Here. It is a… It is definitely tofu. But what is that black thing
actually I don’t have an idea. Kan didn’t explain me at all but I tasted it already and its taste
is quite good but it is not strong. It is very mild. I do approve that! So… And those are basically fish meatballs. They are quite spicy. Yeah! Wow! Those are quite spicy actually. I still have no idea what is this black stuff is but it is actually quite good
so I had to order a second one because I quite like that. I probably have to… I will have to google on internet later what is it and here is some yellow or orange stuff
which you have to add first to it to make it even better. That is very good! I like it a lot! The black stuff is called Grass Jelly. It is of plant origin and very popular
in East and Southeast Asia. It is mostly used in different desserts
by mixing it for example with fruits or like you just saw us eating with brown sugar, which I think is more of a Thailand style. Also check out this gentlemen’s pet behind me! I wish I would had noticed that when we were filming. I think sometimes it is very good, especially for reducing daily stress, to have trips where you can just go
without any plan and expectations, knowing almost nothing about the area and just having fun exploring a new place and enjoying whatever you will find. Next, we arrived at a small beach. It is definitely not the most beautiful one. It is not a beach which you would imagine
when thinking about perfect place to spend a sunset with your girlfriend, which is mainly because Hong Kong’s second largest power station is located right next to that beach. Still, somehow very quiet and strange after-apocalyptic atmosphere of the place felt quite interesting. In general, I find that the mix of something
beautiful and completely broken next to it makes Hong Kong a very attractive
place to explore for me. So it’s… is going to be very very random vlog
because we had no plan and we just rested for the moment at the beach. We just… We just found it so… and a… Now we are going on the other side of the island because the sunset is probably
better from the other side. This mountain which we are
trying to pass over right now is actually seems to be some kind of graveyard. A lot of graves around in the forest. Doesn’t really seems to be old ones. The path we have chosen just by
simply heading across the island took us next into a small village
with similar lost in time feeling to it. I am very positive that the ease of navigation was not on the list of priorities
when planning this place. It is a nice camera. Thank you! So we are now in the middle of
some very small village on the island and… The place is so cool. There is a lot of old buildings. Everything seems broken
but people are living here and a… So cool to see different to what I have used to. This place is kind of cool. A lot of small streets and… Okay. Let’s go this way. Still up hill Hello! Hi! Hello! I don’t know where I am going. I am just going some small street here. I hope it leads us somewhere. Okay… Can we pass here? Let’s see where we are. We need to go more to the left. Yeah That direction To this road first. Okay, let’s go! It is this way. This way I think I can pass here. No, we can’t pass here. I have to admit but it seems that
we have lost in labyrinth here. A lot of small streets and
no idea how to go in this direction. It seems that Kan has found the way. Okay, we found the way! Okay! We found the way! So we finally got outside of the labyrinth. It was quite fun actually, l like the place but a… We lost some time there so we probably will not be able to get to the other
side of the island before the sunset and miss it. But anyway, even if we… don’t get the sunset it still was
quite fun day and very fun actually. We are getting closer. We finally made it to the other side of the island. We didn’t get the sunset but a… but we still had a lot of fun, Kan trying to capture waves with a phone and me trying to capture her on video doing so. And did I mention that our small
adventure getting here through the maze was very very fun and got
our adrenaline levels up a bit. In overall we were happy how it went today! So it is late already and pitch black so we have
to go back to the boat and get to the hotel. So I probably won’t be able to film
anything until we get to the boat. It is very very dark here. On our way back we remembered that in the harbor area, there have been
some restaurants serving seafood and decided to have dinner there
before returning to the mainland. We wanted to try as many different things
as possible and ordered four dishes. The first one was Clam and Tofu Soup. It has also some vegetables
like cilantro and bok choy in it. The taste is a bit soft. The second dish we ordered
was Honey Orange Fried Shrimp. Those are crispy shrimp fried with honey,
orange juice, garlic, and some vegetables. We also have ordered
Chinese Pepper Steak with Onion. Every dish we got is very typical for Chinese cuisine. Thin slices of beef are cooked fast to keep them tender and flavored with a sweet and savory sauce. The last dish was Shrimp Fried Rice, which is tender seasoned shrimp
stir fried with eggs, green onion and rice. As always that was
too much food for only two of us, so next we had work hard to get it all down. We have chosen this place because it was the closest one to the pier
and also we saw a lot of people eating there, but in both our opinions the place
was average at the best so if you are coming to Lamma Island we would recommend walking a bit further
from the dock before stopping for food. We still had some time before our boat leaves, so we went for a walk along the same
streets we passed during midday. When filming this trip,
I didn’t plan to split it into two vlogs and filmed it more like just one peace, so on our way back to the hotel
we didn’t film any outro. Also the last battery died
right when we were arriving at the port. The next day, which is also the last day
of the trip, ended being very eventful, and also because this vlog
is getting close to 40 minutes mark, I decided to split this trip into two parts. On the last day we did some camera shopping, visited Wong Tai Sin Temple and also tried more Chinese food. After that, late in the evening we left Hong Kong
and arrived in Japan next day early morning. I am editing both of those vlogs at the same time so after the first part is up on YouTube, it won’t take long to finish the second part. Thank you very much for watching! If you liked our not planned beforehand,
completely random adventure in Hong Kong, please put thumbs up and leave us a comment. I always read the comments and reply to them. We live in Kyoto, Japan, and mostly
do long travel vlogs from that area. So if you like this kind of style where you
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for watching until the end!


  1. 1年半前の旅行だけど、今もはっきり覚えています。中国の北部に生まれた私にとって、香港は特別で、遥かな存在です。旅行に行った前に、香港への印象はおそらく90年代のドラマや映画の影響に限るです(笑)そして、当地にいる時、何回も国際都市としての香港の魅力を感じました。違う色の人々はこの街に平和に住んでて、さらに豊かな文化を作りましたね。またいきたいわ~~~ ((´∀`))

  2. С удовол"ствием посмотрела видео.Рада , что выбрались из лабиринта.
    Очень нравится, что показали всё, как есть.

  3. The soothing background music and filming style made my day, so glad and happy to know you and Kan had a great time in Hong Kong. Million thanks for attending my wedding, it s my close friends attending the wedding that made the party even more meaningful and unforgettable. I wish so much to see you both very soon again, my friend 😊 can’t wait to see the 2nd part

  4. Ei ole tarpeeksi kieliä, niin jatketaan suomella :D… ehkäpä joku laittaa seuraavaksi ruotsia :D. Odotellaan nyt sitä osaa kaksi sitten

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