Visio Alternative for Linux – Edraw Max Review (2018)

EdawMax is an incredibly powerful program
for visualization. You can make professional looking diagrams
and charts, modern infographics, various presentations, mind maps and regular maps, house plans, engineering graphics, and many more. Guess what… EdawMax is available as a native program in
Linux. So, let’s review it! Hello, everyone, it’s Average Linux User. Helping you to install, configure and use
Linux. If you are new to this channel consider subscribing
and activate the bell notification, so you won’t miss any new video. Edrawmax is a program for fast and intuitive
visualization. The link is in the description. When you open Edrawmax, it offers you quite
an extensive choice of templates. You pick a template from the theme you need
and start creating. Templates are categorized by topics. You can create
Diagrams Business cards, Clipart, I was the most impressed with these floor
plans. I will open one to show you all the details. For example, Community Home plan. Just look at this. All these minor details, aren’t they impressive. You can move the door. To make it open outside. You can even move this small pillow on the
sofa. Let’s move this sink to the other wall. Rotate it. You can actually design everything in scale
to a real size. For example, when you click on any object
you can change is size precisely. But house planning is a very specific topic. Let’s have a look at something more general. For example, let’s pick this template. Here is what you can do. You can edit these circular arrows altogether. You can change their size. Rotate them. You can also edit each of them separately. You can move it. Change its color. On the left, you will find some pre-selected
libraries for this template. You can add more people
or some business scenes. You can change the background. There are also some more chars to choose from. If this is not enough, you can also add more
libraries. You can add some clip arts. For example, professions I think some business related infographics
will fit this template theme as well. I also what to show you how EdrawMax handles
different data presentations. For example, in diagrams. If you change the percentage, the pie chart
will adjust automatically, You can also load your data to make a chart. As far as the interface is concerned, it is
very intuitive. You have already seen this menu which appears
on every object you select. The top panel is pretty standard. With this notebook layout. You can insert different objects. Change page layout
this theme section is pretty useful. Everything can be previewed on the fly which
is pretty nice. If you need some standard symbols, you can
find them here, in the symbol tab. There is also additional toolbar on the right where you can fine tune different objects of your graphics. I also would like to mention that this is
not the default look of the program. I have changed it to Dark Grey style. In my view, it is better than white. I also increased the font size, so you can
better see everything if you watch this video on a smaller screen. If you click on this icon, you can also hide
the toolbar to have more space for the main window. This is useful if you use EdrawMax on a laptop. Different projects are opened in different
tabs. So, you can work on several projects at the
same time. If you make a presentation that includes several
slides, you need to add a new page. All pages will be shown here at the bottom. You quickly navigate between them through
this drop-down menu. You can also preview them. When you are finished, you can export your
work in different formats. I usually use PDF because PDF will look the
same everywhere regardless of whether you open it on Linux, Mac, Windows or your mobile
phone. Edrawmax is capable of saving all graphics
in a vector format. So, the quality of the graphics doesn’t
deteriorate as you zoom in. You can see it is not pixelated I also would like to mention that if the included
templates are not enough for you, you can click here
and go to the online database of templates. There are a plethora of templates here. You download the template you like And open it in Edrawmax. You can also share your work. The program will create a link. And anyone with the link will be able to see
your artwork. You can manage your shared works from here. You see what you share and you can cancel
your shares. You can also get your personal cloud. For that, you need to sign in here. I am signed in as you can see. I believe you have already suspected that
such a feature rich program is probably not free. You can, of course, use a free trial, but
you need to buy a license to get access to all the features. There is a lifetime license available for
Linux, the other licenses are only for Windows and Mac. If you are an academic or nonprofit, you can
get some discount. The program can be used on 2 computers. You can transfer it to another computer. You will get Free Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee Unlimited Email Support and 1 GB of cloud Space. You are of course welcome to try it for free. You choose the Linux version download it. You can skip this step. Save. Go to your Downloads folder. Extract the downloaded archive. Go to the properties of this run file and make it executable. Open the terminal in this folder. And run the installation script. If you see this error message, just ignore
it. It is some font error which will not affect
you in any way. As you can see here, the program has been
installed into the /opt folder. You can open Edrawmax from your menu or by
running edrawmax from the terminal. When you open it the first time, it will ask
you to activate it. You can simply close this window if you want
to try the program. I have got a license form Edraw, they sponsored
this video, so I will show you how to activate it. You enter you License name
and your code. The program is activated. To verify the activation. You can restart the program go to the Help tab click on activate, and you will see that your
product is activated. Overall the program works well. I have been using it for three weeks already. It is stable and works smoothly. My only complaint is that the program never
remembers my sign in the cloud. Whenever I close the program, it signs out. It may be annoying if you want to use the
cloud a lot. Otherwise, it is a great program. If you need to make a lot of graphics, this
program is really worth its price. What do you think about EdrawMax? Would you use it and will you be willing to
pay for it? I know many Linux users reject non-free software But is there any alternative to EdrawMax? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you for watching.


  1. Amazing! Tried to install under Antergos Arch LInux from the AUR but I get the error: array options contains unknown option '!upx'
    Any ideas? I installed the upx programm but that didn't solve the problem

  2. Haha, funny thing was this was specifically requested for one of the courses I was taking. Definitely made making charts easy. Nice to know it's featured on this channel. 😆

  3. It's a paid software, and the paid software was provided to the video creator for free. I only have one suggestion. Please provide such information in the beginning of the video.

  4. thanks. but i use only free software.
    and use libreoffice draw or dia and thier are a many other software like and pencil project…
    note:i mean freedom not free

  5. 245 USD!!! there are a bunch of other software such as MS-Office (web), lucid chart and … which is much cheaper.

  6. Hello ALU! During my studies I used Dia which doesn't have all the features of Edraw but is totally free! I used it for microcontrollers and sensors when I had to make the workflow of a program. But for diagrams yEd is fantastic!

  7. Hey man. It will be little bit irrevelant but can you help about that situation:
    Job for netctl wlp4s0.service failed

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