VERTICAL VIDEO made easy: Auto Reframe (Adobe Premiere Pro 2020)

Adobe Premiere Pro launched a super
amazing feature, at the end of last year, for social media vertical video and
makes all of our lives as content creators, like… super easy! So, let’s go
into the video and we will check it out. Hi, my name is Catarina. Welcome to the
channel, and on this video we’ll be talking about the Auto Reframe tool. As
I said before, it was launched at the end of last year and makes our lives
super easy. Now this tool does exactly what it promises, it auto reframes your
sequences so that you don’t have to do it manually. So, let’s go inside Adobe
Premiere Pro. Make sure that you have the latest version updated on your computer,
and we will dive right into our project that we want to create social media
teasers for. So this sequence was shot and edited in a 16:9 aspect ratio and
now I want to change the format so that it can fit my social media platforms.
Now, first, let’s go into “Sequence”, and then “Auto Reframe Sequence”. It will open
up a dialogue box where you’ll choose exactly what you want the tool to do to
your video, so, here you can change the name sequence, because it will create a
duplicate. It’s not going to work on your actual sequence, making sure that your
original work stays completely untouched. So now we will rename our sequence like
“Instagram 4:5”. In the aspect ratio field you
can choose between several aspect ratios that the tool provides you. So you can
choose between a 1:1, which is a square that is commonly used on the
Instagram feed. Then you can also have a vertical 4:5, which is the one
that I used the most because it fills the entire screen on your phone. And then
you have a 9:16, which is most used on Instagram and Facebook stories. And you
will also have a 16:9 horizontal and a custom ratio if you are
not satisfied with what the tool provides. The next setting will be the
motion preset and it allows the tool to determine in which speed your video was
edited, so you have three options. If your sequence is very fast-paced you might as
well choose the faster motion. And if not, if it’s very slow, you have also a slower
motion option. If it’s not one or another just leave it on default and try and see
if you like the end result. Now, the last thing that you need to choose before you
auto reframe your sequence will be if you want or not the tool to nest your
clips. If your sequence has a lot of motion adjustments you’re better off by
nesting the clips because it will preserve those settings, if not, just
leave it on don’t nest and it will do its thing without nesting all of your
clips. Now we will try the tool and we will reframe our sequences in two
different formats: in a 4:5 for my Instagram feed, and also in a 9:16
for my Instagram stories. Let’s see how the tool actually works! I would say it did a pretty good job on
that, but if you want you can still change some things on the effect
controls panel, you can adjust the keyframes until you’re happy with the
final result. The tool will also auto reframe if you had motion graphics or
titles on your sequence, so it will adjust into the final format that you
choose. For me that’s ready to go on Instagram, thank you so much for watching,
I hope you liked this video. If you did go ahead and subscribe to the channel, it
will help me a lot to grow it and I would very much appreciate it. I will see
you on the next one!


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