TSL Reviews: Google Pixel 3!

– Hi, I’m Fauzi.
– And I’m Rainier. And welcome to another episode of TSL Reviews! And in this episode, we will be
reviewing the Google Pixel 3! Now, James (Rainier) and I have each
gotten our Google Pixel 3 phones. I’ve got the Google Pixel 3XL in Just Black, and I’ve got the Google Pixel 3 in Clearly White. The main thing we are reviewing here
is the one thing many are asking about. And that is the camera (on the phone). James and I have been using the phone for a couple of days now. We also took it out on our Fridate. ‘Fridate’ is this thing in office
where we go out for lunch on Fridays with a colleague of a different department. And to capture all the memories, we used the cameras on these phones. I really like this feature – it’s called the ‘Group Selfie Mode’. This function is damn cool because it gives you a wider perspective. – You can see this, right?
– Yup. – This is like ‘Normal’.
– Yes, this is ‘Normal’. You can go close up… That’s too zoomed in. I don’t like my face when it’s so close up. Wow! On ‘Normal’ this can fit 2-4 people, but for (this (mode) you can fit at least 10. I can imagine… Performers like singers, artistes and musicians – They’re always saying, “Let’s take a selfie, guys!” Then they’d stand on stage and try to capture everyone.
I feel like this would be quite useful. – Remember there was this photo at the Oscars?
– Yes! – Ellen!
– That was super squeezy. – Right, right.
– If they used this, they could have fit in more people. There’d be more power in that one selfie. The other feature that I really love is ‘Top Shot’. It’s the one thing for idiots like me… who are not very good at photography. This (mode) cancels out all the errors that could possibly happen. The errors on my part – the Fauzi error. Because Fauzi is a terrible photographer. This is the one picture of Leah that we took. In the picture, she’s obviously looking downwards. Not exactly the most fashionable (pose). – Unless you want to look emo.
-I mean, yeah… That’s an option, if you want to look like that. But with the Top Shot function,
all you need to do is swipe a little upwards, and you can see shots in this photo! There are little blue dots above
the photos that they are recommending that are better shots. So we’ll just show you the photo here… So this is the original – bam! She’s looking towards the right, so she looks like she’s casually looking towards the right. or… bam! The middle one right here,
with her hand in her hair. There are instantly two great photos here. Two great photos that you can choose from. Even though the shutter caught Leah when she was looking down, it also caught moments where she was adjusting her hair, which ended up being a really cool shot. Or her looking to the right,
which ended up looking like a really cool shot as well. There are two other functions we are going to explore today. – Sure.
– One is Google Lens, which is basically almost the same as what Pixel 2 had last year, but this is incorporated in the camera app. – Nice!
– So it’s no longer in a separate app. I actually really love Google Lens –
I thought it was such smart technology. Because if you travel overseas and and you have questions about a landmark, you can pull out your camera,
scan it, and find out more about it. So it’s really quite cool. Very worldly.
So it’s really quite cool. Very worldly. For me, I’m going to use it to
scan people’s clothes if they are cool. Ok, nice! So you said you want to
Google Lens something, right? What are you going to Google Lens? I’m going to Google Lens my new shoes. I recently bought this –
I wont bring out the pair, just one side. Google Lens is now incorporated in the camera function, So all you have to do is to press the middle, – Now you can see the sparkly sparkly thing…
– Oh, wow! – Click it! Click it!
– I’m going to click this. Yo! Damn! So it basically says… these are the Nike Huarache Run Ultras, estimated at about S$166. I’m actually very surprised because there are two versions of these shoes – The Ultra version and the normal version. I didn’t even show Google Lens the distinctive part of the shoe, – but it got it.
– That’s pretty awesome! My gosh. There’s this thing I tried earlier – it’s called the Google Playground. This is my favorite feature –
you can put characters in augmented reality. Here you go! – He’s, like, standing on the table.
– He is standing right here. I can tickle his butt. If you think this looks weird…
Wait till you see the video. We can also take a selfie –
just now we used the camera on the back. – Now we are going to use the front camera.
– Ok, I want him to stand between us. – What to put? Do you want Hulk, or Captain America?
– I feel like I want Captain America. There! Like that! Hey, don’t move. Hey! Where did you go! – Why is he hiding?
– He’s damn sneaky. Ok, then you can take a selfie. That’s so stupid! It’s so stupid-looking. – I think that it’s a feature that you won’t really use very often,
– Yeah. But if you’re bored on the MRT or something, – you can just play around with it.
– I agree. So we are done exploring the camera functions.
What do you think? I mean, it really is a solid phone and and the camera is one of those
things that I’m really impressed with in the phone. Especially from someone who likes to take a lot of photos of himself… Overall, I’d give the Google Pixel 3 a 4.5 out of 5. It does take some getting used to,
especially if you’re not used to the Android ecosystem, but I think it’s also easy for you to pick up. It’s a no-brainer. I’m going to rate this a 4.5 as well. I’m not really used to Android,
but within a few days I got the hang of it. And I really like the Group Selfie mode. It’s a gripe that I have when I’m out with big groups of friends, and we can’t fit into the photo
and my arm is not long enough. Then we need to use the selfie stick…
Millennial problems. – Or rather, short-armed people problems.
– Hey! Thank you very much, Google, for sending across these phones for us to try. For more information about the phones,
head to the description box down below. As always, thank you very much for watching. You can like, share and subscribe
and watch our other videos over there. Until next time… Until next time… Bye!


  1. Let's be real here. This phone is rubbish for its price in 2018, don't buy it. It can easily fight with Apple for least improvement of the year award

  2. TSL should have waited a couple weeks before testing out their camera. Google just updated the camera app to include Night Sight. The Night Sight feature is simply revolutionary. Taking low-light mobile photography to a whole new level.

  3. Project Fi has this right now at $200 off + $200 service credit for black friday deals. If you're thinking about switching use my link/code for an additional credit https://g.co/fi/r/U073R8 / U073R8

  4. Have always been a fan of TSL reviews, but sorry to say, this Google Pixel review was bad. The hosts didn’t seem quite clear of the features and it feels like they were merely reading it off a script.

    Could explore more of the other features rather than the camera, if not it isn’t called a Google Pixel 3 review anymore.

    No hard feelings ✌🏼

  5. You guys didn't feature it's portrait mode and Night sight mode? It's without a doubt the best smartphone camera for Portraits and night shots now

  6. Honestly the good phone out that came out this year that are good are from China but have sacrifices that I dislike but so far the top candidate is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 the price to bargain value is up there plus it have an hdr display, snapdragon 845, 5G and two forms of security inputs, 10gb ram(on highest end model) and a wireless charging puck comes with the phone along with a very stellar price.

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