The Sims 4 LINUX – Fácil de instalar

Download the script Move it where the .ISO file is Rename the iso file to thesims4 If on KDE do this procedure to make it executable. then right click and select RUN IN TERMINAL On other distros: copy the file path and open the terminal type: cd and paste the path in double quotes type: chmod +x type: bash insert password when asked Wait Read the initial note before anything start clicking next Wait Mark the copy codex folder after installation box. I don’t have it because my game is already installed Delete the Get Famous part and make it only The Sims 4 Make sure the instalation folder is c:/Program Files (x86)/The Sims 4, otherwise it doesn’t work Install it. I’ll exit because I already have it installed Select your language Donezo This error means you don’t have selected language files Access the link in description and download the file Extract it Select all and cut (ctrl+x) Go to The Sims 4 installation directory Paste it Select replace all files Donezo


  1. Hello ! Thank you very much for the video ^^ I have the same problem as garrett terminal (the 'no connection adaptater were found' thing)… Any idea how to deal with that ? Thank you !


    consegui instalar e rodar no meu Linux Mint Cinnamon. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  3. Olá. Muito obrigado pelas instruções. Estou tento um problema: assim que abre o Lutris, é perguntado onde ficarão os arquivos de instalação (ok), e depois pergunta onde está o arquivo de setup: eu vou até a pasta que está o .iso e tem uma nova pasta chamada "ISO"; entro nesta pasta e seleciono o "setup.exe". Seria esse o arquivo que tenho que indicar como o arquivo de setup? Ele começa a instalar, mas nunca entra no CODEX. Logo em seguida dá um erro e para a instalação. Por favor me ajude!

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