Sustainable and reliable data center cooling technology

A sustainable data center is highly efficient.
Cooling of the data center is important because if you look at a data center’s whole energy
usage, cooling could account for as much as 35-40%. If you have efficient cooling,
it will help you reach your overall targets. For efficient cooling, you need efficient heat
exchangers. And that is what we do. We base our development on sustainability. We have seen how our heat exchangers perform in
hundreds of data centers all over the world. We have been working with data
centers for many, many years. We can contribute with a lot of knowledge that we
have gained not only working with data centers but also with heat exchangers in
all kinds of applications worldwide. Cooling is not easy. If you are cooling with
the wrong media, or in the wrong way or with the wrong heat exchanger, you can
end up in a situation where you can’t cool. And if you can’t cool, your servers get overheated. We should be there from day one to understand:
what heat exchanger to bring in how to design the space to make it serviceable where to put the isolating valves, what to clean
with, how to clean and when to clean. We can be there as a partner from the very beginning. Support for us is sharing our knowledge
with the customer in focus. How can we help the customer optimize their system? At Alfa Laval, we can offer our expertise and our
support from the very early stages already in the design phase. But it doesn’t stop there. We go through installation,
to commissioning, and then throughout the lifecycle. We partner with our customers for life. Let us help you design your system based on
heat exchangers that are highly efficient. And make it right from the start!

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