Surprising New Data Shows Which 2020 Dems Have The Best War Chest To Beat Trump | MSNBC


  1. Just so everyone is aware because MSNBC and CNN will not properly inform you Elizabeth Warren the only reason why she has 91 million dollars is because she's taking Super PAC money and her brand new Super PAC spent in the past week 14 million dollars on her campaign when she was down to her last million dollars with cash on deck where Bernie Sanders still has about 14 to 15 million dollars cash on deck plus tons saved up still and it's all through the working class funding and a sunrise movement in a few others are not actual super Pacs they only had like $70,000 it was contributing to his campaign plus a few others which they are all funded through employees of these pack pack group's Working Class People it's not the same as Elizabeth Warren getting 14 million dollars from undisclosed companies organizations so on and so forth just so the American people are just a little more informed because we all know CNN MSNBC and Fox News blatantly mislead you guys all the time to defend the status quo Bernie Sanders is the only one with a true Grassroots movement!

  2. Getting lost in moronic data is the wonky old school dem way. So instead, measure the obvious MAGIC that happens when the people support someone they LIKE. Hint: It's in your own network's COMMENTS in every video. Occam's Razor, kids. The obvious thing is the most likely. Bernie wins because he has the MAGIC that counters Trump's moronic weetard gaslighting. Bernie would have won in 2016… If the DNC cuts him out now they are DONE.

  3. Another way of saying Biden has the best ROI is that he is significantly underperforming in fundraising, and he’s riding on name recognition and Obama’s coattails.

  4. Another way of saying Biden has the best ROI is that he is significantly underperforming in fundraising, and he’s riding on name recognition and Obama’s coattails.

  5. As Bloomberg has shown, cash isn't enough to win, but he Media and the DNCs attacks of Bernie are enough to ensure they will lose to Trump.

  6. The Gop and President Trump's Campaign, raised over 80 million dollars last month and has over 200 million dollars in the bank while the Democratic Party, is broke.


  8. Like the TV comprised news media, all the ‘Go Bernie’ signs will just point voters directly to the ‘Trump’ signs – over and and over and over and over again.

  9. The Billionaire's in corporate donors are freaking out right now. If Bernie wins they might have to cut back to only 8 yachts. I want that corporate money out of Washington the same corporate money that pollutes our air water and food. Play it safe and will lose and don't make decisions out of fear. Fear-mongering only works on the weak-minded. It's time to be bold for Bernie

  10. All I know is when you ask a President where his father was born and can't trust he will tell you the truth… HE'S GOTTA GO!!!

  11. Oh, look! You took the Biden's lack of grassroots donors, and
    (quick, before the math changes) you made Biden some lemon-aid!
    How can you stand to be this transparent?

  12. Rudy Gulianni. The one guy that scares Trump besides Putin, women, the military, the truth and lawsuits.

  13. What do you all thing of this; Warren will be forced to endorse Biden and then will retire from COngress in shame for doing so..

  14. Is this how you provoke people into sending you abusive comments?
    By muting their reasoned comments until they finally lose their temper?

  15. Why don't you care how dishonest you allow yourselves to become:
    Your title claims that the current spending/vote ratio
    dictates who has "T h e B e s t W a r C h e s t T o B e a t T r u m p"
    You know that's misleading, and it's clearly intentional.

  16. Panic and desperation. Ari is in full corporate-controlled employee mode today, including that debacle interview where he cut Michael Moore off incessantly. Even his typical faux impartiality has flown out the window. Can't hide desperation!

  17. media are talking huge about biden's victory in south carolina which is Republican state. It was an open primary

  18. Wow! Dimocrats have a "war chest"! Now all they need is a candidate. They have a commie, a dementia patient and a midget. Hahahahahahahahaha hehehehehe hahahahahahahahaha


  20. The Jerry Springer Show..aka the Democratic Party. The Circus is in town….The Pandering fools on full display

  21. These morons are fixing it for Trump to win again. If they push Biden through, Dems will lose. The only voter with principals here fighting for the ordinary people are Bernie voters and if you screw them again…..better get ready to cry.

  22. Of course Biden got the most bang out of his buck when he blew his campaign money on private jets & swanky hotels, and didn’t get a lot of votes. Anyone could run, get $1 campaign donation and get 1 vote, so the dollars per vote is $1. This is creative accounting at MSNBC!

  23. 1) A communist charlatan with a bad ticker

    2) A crooked swamprat with dementia

    3) A flip-floppy little soup nazi

    Is Avenatti still available?

    Just like the Zika Virus,
    West Nile virus , Ebola Virus
    Swine Flu, Bird Flu, just more DEMOCRATIC NONSENSE!

  25. Despite ~$4000 per vote, it's still pocket change to him. Bloomberg is throwing quarters at the American people…

  26. The logical fallacy here is the assumption that the money is the only direct relation to votes. To put another way – where would those candidates have been without their cash? Money matters in politics, which is why we want to get it out of politics. Vote Bernie

  27. You now need to add the money spent by Buttigieg, Steyer, Klobuchar and Yang, to what Biden has spent so far. Their money has got them support and even delegates!

  28. Mostly what this chart indicates is that the guy spending the most money is getting the least amount of votes.

  29. we don't want politicians who 'play ball'. we want politicians who can make the government function well FOR US! vote bernie sanders!!!

  30. Sanders honeymooned in Russia and threw roses at Cuba. That's all I need to know. Stick a fork in Sanders- this socialist punk is done

  31. Is the DNC running this network? It is irresponsible and misleading to state so matter-of-factly that Joe Biden is the vote leader. Bernie is wiping the floor with Biden. Why don't you report more on the growing and enthusiastic groundswell of support for Bernie? You should talk more about Bernie's AWESOME ideas to release the lower and middle class from unfair financial burdens. Bernie is WAY more interesting than stupid Trump. This was fake news.

  32. Biden won ONE primary. Bernie won THREE. BIiden BOUGHT endorsements from LOSERS. He's hoping the democratic Trumpanzees will give him the nominations just like Chumpys "base" have home 2016. It's Bernie or stay home. I wont vote in a rigged election.

  33. Dems had the best 'War Chest' in 2016 also,problem was they had the worst possible candidate….I dont think you could have found a less popular politician if the tried.

  34. Ari Melber, a morning Joe type, talks way too much, or to pit it another way, his sentences are too long and complex, his conclusion a bit vague.

  35. For the Democratic establishment stopping Sanders is more important than stopping Trump. The billionaire-oligarchs control the Democratic party (money talks) and they prefer a fascist over a socialist, like in Germany 1933. Watch the full US Banana Republic. LOL LOL

  36. Money don't matter when you got it for free with fake news MSNBC, CNN forcing Don't touch me there Biden down our throats. It clear the people want a Trump VS Sanders race like it should of been in 2016. The good thing is we won't have to worry about the dnc for a long time if they rob Sanders again.

  37. Bloomberg and Styer are just 1%'ers that are afraid of Sanders & Warren tax plan. Probably if unable to buy the drumpf house, they can at least pull enough votes to cut into Sanders & Warren's %, ensuring a Biden victory. Still the contest has always been a Biden, Warren and Sanders, I hope all the rest get out after Tuesday. Sadly with the corporate slugs, russian trolls and malinformed Americans, Warren and Sanders are going to be attacked as Socialist/Commies! Scary words for some people, but why shouldn't our government work for us? Why do all the tax breaks go to those that once paid all the taxes? You know before, when there was no Federal Income Tax, and taxes were paid for by CORPORATIONS! Still you don't have worry, as "kept his undies on" dershowitz stated so clearly; if the president thinks it is in the best interest of the nation, then he can do it! So before election time, in the best interest of the nation your Idol god drumpf will have declared martial law and suspend elections. Then your 1% owned senate and supreme court which will back their puppet! Our Democracy is Dead, corporation are now "We The People" and money is "Free Speech." The only question left now is, are you going to jump into your owner's grinder; or walk away and let their beast system die? Time is running out, watch and understand… You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  38. 2028: Jeff Bezos becomes president by purchasing the 26 most populous states and claiming their electoral votes for himself.

  39. Well… what's the lesson we learn from this piece? Where's the news? How much federal money Trump spent on his rallies since 2016?

  40. Wow…. are you counting all the free fluff pieces like this one. Did you factor in all the work needed to counter all the misinformation and hit pieces used on sanders by the media like yours.

  41. The fact that you are talking about Steyer and Bloomberg means that money does make a difference. Stop trying to present the picture that money in politics is not a a problem.

  42. Bernie has more young blacks & Hispanics voting for him than anyone, never mentioned that did you? Biden is popular with older blacks in the racist southern states where the republicans have been preparing the black voter suppression, didn't mention that did you? Biden rides on Obama's name but Obama hasn't endorsed him, didn't mention that did you? Biden is bought & paid for by corporations, Bernie actually marched, stood & was arrested for black rights. Biden ruined Anita Hill, an honest black women sexually harassed by a republican judge. ????????? Obama calls, heh Joe I've fixed this for you with Perez, don't mess it up with your bumbling lying. Oops too late, Biden has let the cat out of the bag, it's rigged for me.

  43. Soo… We are not going to factor in the FREE Media that he has been getting for being an establishment politician? And the fact that the Media has been Actively working against Sanders' campaign? What terrible reporting.. Twitter has better journalists than MSNBC right now.

  44. The idea that Biden has a better $ per vote ratio is ridiculous because as it has been reported, nearly 50% of black voters who went for Biden did so because of Clyburn’s endorsement. He didn’t spend a cent to get that endorsement, just needed the establishment of the Democratic Party to freak out just enough.

  45. I want to vote against the trump.
    I refuse to vote for Sanders.
    Put Sanders on that ticket, you force me to vote for the trump…

  46. Let me guess…..anyone but the guy who won the vote in the first states…..MSDNC, you really have sold out to the corporate scum…….we desperately need journalism and you give us these media f*cking clowns?

  47. What they are not saying is that the money Sanders has spent came from those same people that are voting for him! We the people are investing into our own futures and in a candidate we can trust! The DNC is proving to be just as corrupt as the Republican Party!

  48. WTF! This is such an insane graphic…. how can you look at that numbers and be like: hm i guess money in politics is fine?!

  49. I'd take a candidate who has spent a lot of money from small grassroots donations than one from big money donors or worse, the significant ount from their own wealth, as the one who has accumulated their campaign money from grassroots donation has more likely spent time actually talking and listening to potential voters to learn what they want and need from government.

  50. Bloomberg promised that he will give money to whoever the nominee is even if it isn't him. If he is being honest (????) about that, how can he say that his $$$$ will give him a better chance of beating Trump than any other democratic nominee!!!! Unless of course he lied about supporting the nominee which wouldn't be surprising considering he lied about his motives for getting into the race.

  51. Yeah, sure .. your Establishment is sure trying hard to get rid of Senator Sanders. Ain't gonna work, Chum.

  52. Democratic party is afraid of Sanders, I don't think Biden has a chance, he is as Trump calls him, sleepy Joe, he's not with it and anyway he has nothing new to offer.

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