SNOBBISM ANIMATION MEME – Paper Cutout Animation (Animating With)

hey guys it’s me YoshTea and welcome to
yet another episode of animating with Animating With
is the only series where I try to animate using the weirdest stuff I can find in
in this video I will be animating the snobbism snobbism meme using just paper cut outs if
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week so let’s get animating alright so here’s my amazing plan I need
an endless of supply paper a hobby knife and some motivation if I had any alright
so step one is to sketch on the paper the second step is to cut out the paper
third step is to photograph the paper and fourth is to animate the paper and
hopefully that will turn out to be an amazing animation or at least I will
hope it will turn out great alright so here’s the paper and here is the knife
I’ll be using let me see if I can throw the knife I CHILDDDD What have you done??!… Father? Billy… billy *dies* all right yeah Music by Vylet Pony so here are all paper cutouts I made
and here is the storyboard I made if you are an animator or want to be an
animator I I’ve told this in many videos always make a storyboard so everything
is planned out and you know what to do and I like to circle things when I’m
done which is really satisfying because as you can see I’m done circling
everything I’m done animating enjoy enjoy all right that’s all the animation
goodness for this episode and make sure to leave in the comments your
suggestions on what I should animate with next episode or just simply leave a
rawr I reply to most my comments if not all of them and I really loved
reading them yay as always I’ll see you guys later
alligator RAWR *Angry Lizard noices* if you guys want to see more animating with you can click right here to see
last episode in which I animated using lasers and that’s it guys thank you so
much for the fan art and bye RAWR


  1. Guido this is amazing!! Everything is so well put together and it's really nice to look at.. and I'm not talking about the animation ;))

  2. I did something like this on my channel. With stop motion and paper cut outs that I moved around. I did it for the solo meme but yours definitely turned out better than mine. XD

  3. Ima not sub sooo I could DIE
    Just joking ima sub OwO and its not because I dont want to die but because ur animation is great and this is AMAZING OoO

  4. I have an idea! How bout u animate with cheese balls!!! Sorry it’s a little late….well awesome vid dude! 😀

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