1. Pro tip: you can ignore white using drop down arrow and option to ignore white. (I think it only works on black and white logo)

  2. I loved this video, I love watching you re-create logos and making different designs. I love your videos and i've recently subscribed xx i'm actually studying graphic design and i'm doing a diploma <3

  3. This was super fun to watch. You do great work. I am really struggling with my logo. I am trying to make it modern but trying to keep a rustic flare. The problem is I am not a designer and I am new to the software. This video was highly inspirational. I hope to watch more of your stuff. I like all of the ones you did in this video, but I most liked the last one, simple, well done, and modern looking.

  4. Nice video, well done. Have you looked into using Affinity Designer on the iPad as then you could keep everything on the one platform. It is also an excellent app on Mac of course though.

  5. felt like the fairy creature in the celtic logo resembled the Pinterest inspiration too much – I feel it looked the same, just rotated with different colours

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