Pronunciation unit 34

Hi Joe! Where are you going? Hi Liz! I’m going to my new farm. Oh, where is your farm? It’s over there! Ohh, wonderful! Is it sheep? No, they are goats oh no, I mean if it’s a sheep farm? It’s quite small No, I just have goats and cows, no sheep Ok, Do you see Ms.Liz is confusing between sheep and cheap? So, if you don’t want to make a mistake like her Let’s see how to pronounce the sound in the word “cheap” Firstly, to make the target sound Begin to make the sound /t/. Then slowly move your tongue back and away from the roof of your mouth as you say the sound / .After that do it again more quickly And remember: Don’t use your voice when you say // Now I just have some example for you They will show you the difference between two sounds // and //. Listen carefully You’ve made a sense of the difference between // and //. Can you pronounce them by yourself? If you can’t, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for helping you correct them so, it’s time for you to start practicing pronunciation Have a good job! Good bye.

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