People Analytics: Driving Strategy with Data – Carlson Executive Education

So I think what organizations really
think about today with employee-level data is often survey data. It’s key to go beyond that thinking about
not only structured data that you have in databases, but unstructured data. What other data you should be thinking
about collecting as well as the privacy concerns that goals that
go along with that data. So this course is designed for the HR
leaders who want to be able to leverage and utilize the people analytics
functions that they have or are in the process of developing. One of the most impactful things we’ll
be able to do after this course is to learn how to reformulate their business
challenges in a way that can be answerable using employee data. There’s a lot of different types of
data that we can gather and glean from employees and how do organizations
think about what data to use for what problems and which data can
lead to the most insights, that will then lead to action?
I think a really big topic in people analytics is the potential
bias inherent in data that we already have collected, right? So people analytics, a large part of that is using data
that’s already been collected to gain insights into data you might not have yet, or individuals you might not
have yet in your organization. But the big challenge is, if that data that you’ve already
collected has been gathered in a way that incorporates bias, then what
can organizations do going
forward if they want to de-bias and mitigate bias going forward. I think one thing that’s really affecting
the people analytics application today is there are so many
requests for employee data, and I think you need to be strategic, and this course will help you think about
what projects am I saying yes to and how are those insights going to be used to take action.

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