Panic Over Sanders Unsupported By Data | All In | MSNBC


  1. Peacefully! The American masses must rule through suggesting #Bernie Sanders to become an independent candidate to bring possible change to American democracy and politics. In other words, the American people have to advise Bernie Sanders to quit being democrats candidate, register under independent party to succeed the political revolutionary movements in America.

  2. Saagar and Ryan Grim: Dem Elites PANIC as Sanders rises:

  3. Hayes is one of the few in MSNBC that appears to have a mix of professional integrity and the ability to look at numbers. It is fine if a network or members of one do not support a candidate. It is shameful when that dislike reaches a level where supposed professionals become as credible a cheap soap opera actors.

  4. Hate to sound like Trump voters but the corporate is pretty much the enemy of the people. They despise democracy and only protect the interests of the powerful.

    Their end days are inevitable, even if Sanders looses this election.

  5. This isn't 1972. Not by a long shot. The country has well over 100,000,000 more people, is much more diverse, and lives are much more precarious and desperate. Incumbents have large advantages but Trump isn't going into 2020 the way Nixon went into 1972. And while Nixon called McGovern the candidate of "acid, amnesty, and abortion" Trump isn't going to be helping himself calling Sanders the candidate of "healthcare, jobs, and income."

  6. (Funny)how they 're scare limite hate thinking bernie could win, but….could be"all right"if Trump stay….

  7. Could this be a main stream media pundit who isn't bought and paid for by corporate interests? Finally a factual video.

  8. Yes Donald had a 15% chance of winning and he definitely didn’t crush Hillary in the Electoral college.

  9. Of course moderate Democrats are afraid that they will lose the House (and Senate) because we will primary them and replace them with PROGRESSIVES! 🔥❤️ #Bernie

  10. Chris Hayes is by far the best the best tv personality in news today. He tells facts as they are, he has left leaning tendencies for sure but is by far the most honest one of them all

  11. Of course, George McGovern in 1972 was a bit of freak given that
    1) Nixon had successfully sabotaged the front-runner (who would have been the nominee), Edmund Muskie, with the forged "Canuck" letter to make it seem as if Muskie had insulted Canadians. (To be fair, Muskie did not handle the crisis very well; perhaps he would have failed as nominee, anyway.)
    2) McGovern blew it with his VP pick, not knowing about Thomas Eagleton's history of requiring mental-health treatment (including electro-shock). Having to change running mates blew a hole in McGovern's credibility.

    But let's talk about a more recent and even larger disaster: Walter Mondale, 1984.

    Mondale was
    a) a centrist, representing the party's old guard.
    b) a former vice-president, trying to defeat the incumbent republican, four years after he had left the VP spot.
    c) not exactly known for his charisma.

    Gee, I wonder who THAT sounds like??

    Also, the 1972 elections were NOT a down-ballot disaster for the Dems. They only lost 13 seats in the House (Carl Albert retained his speakership) and they GAINED two seats in the Senate.

    One of the Senate pickups was in Delaware, where Republican chaos opened the door for a 30-year-old nobody named…Joe Biden.

  12. This is like when Hitler endorses you and pays you a bunch of back handed compliments and all the dumbasses applaud them for suddenly being 'fair'. Deeply insidious Orwellian doublespeak language

  13. Chris Hayes the data you are comparing is the 1000 seats the Democrats lost in 2016. Please stop gloating over the millions you will lose by playing your Java 2step propaganda. These video takes you do away from the studio is supposed leave you free to say what you know 2b true. Bring back journalism. Tell the truth. Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner & he is gaining ground.

  14. The largest section of the electorate are people who do not vote. Sanders motivates independents to become involved, there is a great potential for all down ballot candidates to appeal to and receive more independent voter support.

  15. Is it just me, or does Chris seem like he's having trouble saying positive things about Bernie. #bernie2020

  16. Bernie will wipe the floor with trump, there is nothing in Bernie's past or present trump can use against him that matters expect maybe one or two bad votes on bills, everyone makes mistakes trump will try but that's were Bernie is better then the rest he has all ways fought for the People and cares , his word is his bond..

  17. Bernie is not for sale. That’s what has corporations and the politicians they control scared to death. Finally a major media outlet pointed out the Truth. Moderate Democrats are afraid he will hurt their bank accounts and the corporations lining their pockets to control our government.

  18. I do like Sander,. But I'm not sure about all those Sander fanatic, they could divide the country as Trump fanatic.😦

  19. Bernie Sanders is the most electable candidate in the democratic party today, not just because some mysterious data says that he is. He is the most electable candidate in the democratic party despite the very best efforts of your network trying to smear and discredit him for the past 5+ years. This little fact based story is too little too late for you people who have been screaming, "THE SKY IS FALLING", when crying about Bernie Sanders and his anti-establishment platform.

  20. Y’all really can’t just come out and say you support Bernie and his ideas huh?? Billionaire donors/watchers wouldn’t like that huh??

  21. A poll of head to head matchups is useless. The polls will be rigged until one week before the election and then the only polls that count will be in ten battlegound states. How do they rig the poll? By asking your political party. In an honest poll that question will NEVER be asked.

  22. WIth very little doubt a lot of Sanders supporters are tuning out MSNBC for their news blackouts and slanted coverage about Sanders since 2016 and their ratings are probably going down. It's not out of the goodness of their hearts but the fear of lost revenue due to declining ratings.

  23. Very well said Chris, its good to hear the unvarnished facts about Bernie Sanders. It's looking more and more like there is no downside to voting for him and the upside will be considerable for 99% of the people.

  24. F***ing finally MSNBC, yeah this has been true since 2016, in head to head match ups Bernie beats Trump, in 2016 it was actually by a much greater margin, and by a greater margin than Clinton and he was polling well in states that lost her the election, and don't blame Bernie, his organisers left over from his campaign were trying to raise the alarm to the Hillary camp that they needed to spend more time and money on those states because otherwise they were going to lose, but the Hilary camp ignored them.

  25. Maybe rather than talking to the audience you need to be talking to your colleges, because the majority of actual people get it; unlike the overwhelming majority of MSNBC hosts and contributors. However credit where credit is due, well done for telling the truth.

  26. Thanks, Chris Hayes! Facts!! Who knew??
    Rest of Comcast/MSNBC: "BERNIE'S A **SOCIALIST!!!!**" "HE'S A "**COMMUNIST!!!**" AAAAAAAKKKK!!!
    Notice how the most important issues of the 2020 campaign — health care, Climate Change, income inequality — have all taken a back seat to the MSM's McCarthy-ism & Red Scare.
    The supposedly-Liberal "Democratic" Party and supposedly-Liberal MSNBC have gone full arch-conservative on us, and are looking more like the John Birch Society — all in a desperate attempt to derail Bernie Sanders.
    Don't buy it for a minute!

  27. Data given to us by our government is hardly anything to be trusted. We can't even trust them to get a state count correct much less anything larger in thought, such as Medicare for all figures. All we get told is no.

  28. What’s amazing to me is that Democrats worry about republicans but republicans have no regard for being “bipartisan” or “all inclusive” or “too far right”.


  30. Bernie Sanders President 2020 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊💎💎💎💎💎💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯💯💯😍🌞👍👍

  31. In the administrations of the past 45 years, the Treasury Department and the making of economic policy were handed over to Wall Streeters. All functioning, humane societies use public financial management, not private banks, to form public policy.

    A Question for the Candidates: Who’s Gonna Run Your Economic Shop?

  32. I want to know if this was produced by Chris Hayes or by MSNBC. It has been a long time coming that the facts are represented as they are written, without biased interpretation. If this is Chris going against the grain or the elite bias against Sanders, I applaud him. If this is MSNBC finally turning a new leaf and accepting Bernie for what he is, the undisputed front-runner for the democratic campaign, then I applaud them. But what is important is that political data should not be skewed to represent a broadcaster's opinion, but to inform the populous on the state of the nation and the electoral campaign in a concise and complete way. Most citizens do not have the time or resources to compile information like news sources do. That is why we rely on you, the media. Finally, thank you to whoever produced this and I hope it marks a new outlook on the henceforth reporting of the 2020 electoral campaign.

  33. Thank you Chris Hayes. One of the good guys. You should quit MSNBC and work with Krystal and Sagaar on The Hill, TYT, or start an independent media platform.

  34. Keep pushing Chris! Tell the truth until it gets you fired, and then start a new media platform. I'll watch you!!!

  35. Bernie 2020!! Medicare For All will save $450 billion annually according to Yale University study! Come on Bernie!!!!

  36. Bernie Sanders represents what the Democratic party and progressive Independents are moving to: fairness and equality in income, expanding the most popular and most efficient health care system in our country: Medicare to all, fighting climate change with renewable energy support, fighting political-corporate corruption and fighting for the average American who's wages have stagnated over decades, who are going bankrupt due to high medical bills and who feel the Fed. Gov't only screws them over. I'm a progressive Independent, former Republican, who's 100% for Bernie!!!

  37. This is the first MSNBC video I have ever “liked”. At last, someone in the mainstream news is talking facts.

  38. I bet this guy doesn't have to worry about his family starving , student loans, healthcare or being BLACK ,LATINO, NATIVE AMERICAN OR ASIAN. A White privilege

  39. They're not worried he'll lose, they're worried he'll win and send the greedy grabbers on their way.

  40. May be if they isolate sanders they may as well vote for themselves because nobody will go out for those so called establishment candidates. 4 more years of trump is inevitable if sanders is stopped.

  41. The problem is that the rich donors, whom as Bloomberg put it "buy" the politicians, despite all their virtue signaling would choose Trump over Bernie even if it means the weakening of the Democrat ic party.

  42. Chris Hayes is one of the few MSNBC pundits who gives Bernie a fair shake. Most of them come across as establishment hacks. Good for you Chris, keep it up and people may not turn off MSNBC for good.

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