Overview of Azure Data Studio

>>Hi, my name is Alan Yu, a PM on the SQL Server team. I’m excited to share with you our new data tool,
Azure Data Studio. Azure Data Studio is our new cross-platform
desktop experience for data professionals using
the Microsoft family of on-prem and cloud
data platforms, on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Azure Data Studio currently
offers built in support for SQL server on-prem
and Azure SQL database, along with previous support for Azure SQL Managed Instance
and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Azure Data Studio offers a modern editor experience with customizable code snippets, lightning fast IntelliSense, useful peek definitions and an integrated terminal
to run other SQL tools. For data developers,
this greatly enhances their day to day
T-SQL editing experience, so that they can quickly run queries to manage their data. Azure Data Studio is engineered with a data
platform user in mind, and data users want to easily
understand their data. After running a T-SQL script, developers can
transform the results into insightful,
customizable charts. However, we take this one step further by allowing users to turn these charts into inside widgets that can appear on
their dashboard. The dashboard enables
database administrators to see information of
their server and database, get access to their most
common tasks such as searching across a data objects or
viewing their custom widgets. On the top, you can
see custom extensions, which can be downloaded from
the extension marketplace. This provides our data customers choice to download
extensions they actually use instead of including every feature out of the box. Through our
extensibility platform, this has enabled partnerships, both externally and internally. Externally, we have
empowered Redgate to create the popular “SQL
Search” extension, and we will continue
to collaborate with Microsoft partners. We have also enabled
community developers and MVPs to contribute extensions and ship in our marketplace. Internally, in addition to working with our Cloud DB teams, one exciting partnership
to highlight is with a Program Synthesis using
Examples or PROSE team. They have built a powerful
framework for data wrangling, and has the same
technology that powers Flash Fill in Microsoft Excel. Harnessing the power of AI, we created the “Import
flat file wizard” to turn a traditionally painful
experience of importing a flat file into
a five click experience. As per the community feedback, users love when AI frameworks can make their daily
tasks quicker. This is one of the most uploaded features
from the user community. We will continue to make
investments in PROSE to improve traditionally painful
data wrangling experiences, which will continue to
excite our data customers. Finally, as part of our vision to partner with
other Azure services, we want to create an integrated experience for Azure customers. We are excited to introduce the Azure Resource
Explorer to help data professionals manage
their Azure subscriptions and Azure Data Studio. By simply clicking on a resource in
a target subscription, you can directly connect
to the resource. In addition to
the Resource Explorer, Azure portal users can copy the connection string
for the portal and populate the connection dialog to quickly access their database. These are the first steps
our team is making to create an integrated experience
for Azure customers. We are excited to partner
with Azure teams, to make Azure Data Studio a premier desktop experience
for handling data. We will continue to actively
engage with the community on GitHub and provide consistently
great monthly releases. As Azure Data continues to break ground in the data world, we will create
first class experiences to empower our
customers. Thank you.

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