Organizing and Interpreting Data – 1st Grade Math Videos for Kids

So I need to put the oranges all in a group
and the apples …… all in uhh….. uhh Hey guys, sorry I did not see you there. I am trying to organize some items here for
counting but I keep getting distracted. Have you guys ever been distracted or cannot
focus when you really need to? I sure am getting distracted now with this
silly robot wasp bugging me. Can you help me learn about organizing data
so I don’t get distracted? Thanks. Let’s take a look. Here is a question that asks How many oranges
are there? The question wants us to count all the oranges. To do this we need to organize our data. In this case the data we are talking about
are the items you see here. Let’s put all the same types of fruit together. Now we have all the fruit organized and the
question asks How many oranges are there? Sometimes there is information in a math problem
that doesn’t help us find the answer, instead it can distract us, just like I got distracted
by the robot wasp. We have apples, bananas and oranges but we
only need to focus on the oranges. The bananas and apples are a distraction in
this problem. Can you count how many oranges there are? We have 5 oranges great job. We organized our items and did not get distracted
by the apples and bananas that did not help us solve the problem. Let’s take a look at another problem. The question asks How many more dodgeballs
are there than baseball bats? This question has three categories or groups. We have dodgeballs, baseball bats and fly
swatters. Which group of objects do we not need to worry
about in this problem? The fly swatters. Even though fly swatters are handy when pesky
robot wasps come they are not useful in this problem and are just a distraction. Let’s move them to the side. We need to find out how many more dodgeballs
than baseball bats. To do this we can pair these objects together. How many dodgeballs are there that are not
paired together? The answer is 2. Awesome job guys! Let’s try one more and see if you can tell
me if there is a distraction in the next problem. The question asks “How many less butterflies
are there than bears.” Now that we have the problem can you tell
me if there is anything here that is not needed to solve the problem? We don’t need the robot wasps to solve this
problem, great job. Now to solve the problem we can match up the
objects like we did in the last problem. We matched them up and we notice there are
three more bears than butterflies but that also answers the question how many less butterflies. We have three less butterflies than bears. There are 6 bears and only 3 butterflies. We did it. Awesome job! That pesky robot wasp is back again. I have a fly swatter so
watch out. Ouch!


  1. hi i made this website for kids to learn math. as a project for school it's free for any one to use it's fun and easy to use hope you guys enjoy

  2. hey can you make for 9 grader to teach them harder solve problems and pput better graphics disginses for the vidoes???

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