NTT DATA Careers — Madhavi

I’m Madhavi.
I am Vice President for Global Delivery at NTT DATA. I’ve been with NTT DATA for 17 years now.
We manage clients across Asia- PAC and Latin Region. And at any given point in time, I have 500 to 700 people. I head up the value creation innovation at NTT DATA India. Over the past two decades, IT has evolved a lot. And it’s probably now seen more as a business enabler than just a support function. Innovation is all about to truly understanding what’s value for our clients. So, we looked at, you know, multiple value streams, like optimization, automation. We have been very successful in our innovation initiatives at NTT DATA because we go well beyond, you know, the contractual commitments. Our primary objectives for the Women’s initiative is we want to be the employer of choice, especially in India. There are a lot of, you know, social factors and structural factors that kind of inhibit, you know, the women continuing in their roles, especially the imaginary threshold like at four to five years into the industry. I’ve never come across or experienced the glass ceiling that many women out there refer to. So, this is definitely an organization that we would love to be associated with.

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