[Music] hey friends are you ready to do this today I want to do this together we are here for another extreme whole house clean with me and it’s a really big deep clean as well I’m going to be deep cleaning my bathrooms and deep cleaning and I mean seriously really deep cleaning my washer and my dryer this is going to be so satisfying wait till you see me clean this washer and dryer and I’m hoping that I can motivate you to get up get moving and get some things done I’m also going to be sharing with you a little bonus footage of a Costco haul so it’s gonna be a good one let’s do this [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so you know that I typically like to start cleaning in my kitchen just because that’s usually the messiest room and sometimes I get pulled away by my kids and if I can’t finish cleaning at least I know that my kitchen is cleaned but I did want to switch it up a little bit today and I started out by really deep cleaning and giving my master bathroom a super satisfying deep clean so that’s where I started out today and then I had planned on moving on to the kitchen and the main living area after I was done deep cleaning the master bathroom [Music] if you have never watched any of my videos before I’m going to go ahead and introduce myself I’m Jaime Jaime’s journey is my channel I’m a mom of three small children I have a four-year-old daughter named Avery and twins who are 11 months old Addison and Emery are their names and I document my life here on YouTube I am super passionate about cleaning organizing decluttering trying to keep my house clean even though I have three children who like to mess it up as soon as I’m done cleaning and I just launched in organizing and decluttering series that is going up here on my channel I will put the first video right here you can check it out it went up last week I have two more coming out where I did a lot of decluttering and organizing so make sure you’re subscribed and have some notifications turned on for a lot more motivating videos coming your way as well as weekly cleaning motivation I really hope I can build a community where I can help you in any way I hit a lot of messages specifically over on Instagram where you guys will message me and tell me how I can put a smile on your face or help you in the littlest way and those messages truly make my day so hopefully you guys will find some motivation or at least hopefully I can put a smile on your face [Music] faster in a minute I’m high on slow dancing with you one two three keep it going all black if you’re wondering what I have in the dish wand to clean my shower it is Dawn dish soap and vinegar I use a variety of products to clean my master shower and recently I’ve been loving the e cloths I think I use them on my last video where you just used water in the cloth to clean but I like using that for a more daily cleaning not specifically deep cleaning so when I deep clean I like to bust out this dish wan and use vinegar and dish soap I specifically like using none cleaners in the shower or more natural cleaners because it’s a small enclosed space so it’s just an area that I don’t like to breathe in a lot of fumes [Music] and here’s a little sneak peek of me deep cleaning my washer and my dryer and what you’re going to see here soon it was a super satisfying deep clean and I’m going to show you a step-by-step how to clean your washer and dryer effectively and naturally I’ve been doing this or that questions in my videos lately just to get to know you guys a little bit better so first this or that question are you a morning or night person I am totally a night person by nature love staying at up late I just go to bed early because I know that I need my sleep so I’d prefer night but if I have to get up early I go to bed early [Music] this little power scrubber I’ve been using all over my house to get into hard-to-reach areas for about a month now and it truly is amazing it’s a cleaning tool I love keeping in my cleaning Arsenal I will have a link for it down below if you want to check it out but you can use it in so many areas you’re gonna see me use it in my laundry room and on my washer and dryer here in a little bit it is so satisfying to watch how well this little power scrubber help me clean or deep clean my washer and my dryer so stay tuned for that some serious deep cleaning in the laundry room as well as a Costco home I had planned on going to Costco and it was kind of in the middle of me filming and I thought why not throw the Costco haul in here because everyone loves Costco right [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] in all the tales the counterpart that’ll make us both shake cold so I don’t we’re like bowls you can see the can’t break [Music] yeah so I forgot to show you what my baseboards looked like before I sprayed them down with the multi-surface spray that I was using to clean but I still wanted to give you a little look and obviously I know that my baseboards aren’t that bad they’re not that dirty I try to keep up with them as much as I can but with as much as I clean they still get pretty dirty so I wanted to do a quick wipe down and I think they get pretty dirty and messy specifically in the bathroom just because of the steam from the shower and I find that dust and dirt tends to collect a lot more in the bathrooms than any other areas in the house [Music] I can hear you I can feel it [Music] if you could always say Oh and baby so I know a lot of you who watch my videos before you’ve seen me use this mop it’s the OCD microfiber miss Pro miss mop I think that that’s what it’s called I recently brought it upstairs to keep up here I like to keep a mop on both levels of my floor because I just feel like it makes cleaning a lot easier and go quicker but I recently bought a new steam mop because my last one broke so that one is downstairs on the main level and so I’m keeping this oh cedar spray mop I’m trying to make sure I don’t say spin mop the o-cedar Pro mist mop I’m gonna keep that upstairs and I’m going to be showing you how the steam mop performed how it works and let me just tell you I’m obsessed with it it’s amazing I can’t believe how well it cleans and how it shiny it makes my floors so I will be showing you that here on my channel super soon so watch out for that video you will need the steam mop in your life [Music] that was [Applause] [Music] that was damn [Music] to let me know what you think about me starting in the bathroom did you like the switch-up does it not really matter to you where I start out I kind of wanted to switch it up just so my videos didn’t get super repetitive and always look like the same Biddy video but if you like me starting out in the kitchen let me know if it really doesn’t matter to you let me know that as well but after I was done giving my master bathroom a good deep cleaning I went back downstairs just so I could get that area really cleaned up [Music] [Applause] [Music] make sure you come over find me on instagram it’s jamie-lynns within s journey I’ll also have it linked down below come over find me and say hi [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] are you guys ready for spring I am totally ready I’m well welcoming spring with open arms this year and I’m planning on doing a spring cleaning series here on my channel starting in March so watch out for that but I’m going to pick one area in my house to really focus on and deep clean and then I’ll just be doing a quick cleanup of the rest of my house because when I get the time to clean I like to just go and get it all done so I don’t have to worry about doing it and other times throughout the week so you’ll see me clean the whole house but also picking one room one area in really deep cleaning so stay tuned for that spring cleaning series coming here in March but you guys ready for spring we had a really mild winter here in Ohio we only had maybe two semi decent snowfalls which is way below average for us so at this point I’m just ready to move on I’m ready for it to get warmer and also having the babies on the move I know that they’re ready to get outside they don’t even know what outside even means yet so I think this is going to be a really fun summer [Music] [Music] I’ll just show you the twins a first a birthday invitation it was a workout it was so hard to get this picture to get both of them to smile and kind of look like she’s not even looking at the camera I think Mike was behind me trying to get them both to smile it took us two days to actually get a decent picture it was so hard but I’m happy with how it turned out but their party is going to be on March 21st they were born on March 30th but we have some family members who can’t make it the whatever that weekend is right before the 30th because the 30th is on a Monday so we’re gonna have it a week ahead of time and we are excited to partay [Music] [Music] I like using these magic eraser sheets to kind of get off the burn on stuff that’s on my stovetop it’s just a quick way to get all of that stuff off before I go in and scrub the rest of the stovetop and it also does a really good job so you know on a quick kitchen cleanup if I wasn’t going to actually scrub down the entire stove I could just grab one of these sheets and quickly get all of that burnt stuff off [Music] [Music] we are you [Music] this [Music] so I’m trying to think of what videos have already gone up when this video goes up but I have been filming a kitchen decluttering and organizing I kinda have a series I guess because I started it out and it was gonna be one video but then it was a ton of work so I made it into two videos and then I found some more areas that I wanted to declutter and organize so I made it into three videos I think by now you have seen one maybe there’s two more coming out and one more that I still have to film here is one of the areas I’m going to be organizing so I got some spice jars and it’s just gonna be so much easier than when you see how my spice jars are right now it’s not good it is not good at all so I’m really excited to try this so this should be up on my channel soon and there’s a couple other areas I am organizing and I’ve already started getting the stuff in that I ordered and I’m telling you I am so so so excited I cannot wait cannot wait to do it film it and show you guys ah nothing better than an organized kitchen I talked about eClass earlier here in my video but that’s what I’m using to wipe down my stainless steel appliances and I’ve been on a huge kick of using these all over my house lately and they truly are amazing I’ve gotten a ton of messages from you after specifically after my last video where you guys were saying that you went and bought some and I even laughed because of one comment someone said or she said what kind of sorcery is this a cloth they are insanely impressive and I love that comment because she’s exactly right I don’t know why they work so well but all I know is they work amazing and you just need water to clean and get rid of bacteria I like using them on my stainless steel my stovetop my bathroom my mirrors everyone who uses these cloths will rave about them I am Telling You to believe me when I say they’re amazing again not sponsored by them although I’ll I would love to be sponsored by them because I think they’re wonderful but if you want to check them out there is a link in my description and if you use my link you can get 10% off so there’s a code again I will have the link in the code in the description [Music] [Applause] right now [Music] [Music] second question this our that country or city I would say I feel like this is against the rules but I am somewhere in between I like living close to the city but not actually in the main city I want to be close within maybe 15 minutes – you know Walmart and Target in those type of stores but I like to be a little further out so you don’t hear all the noises of the city so let me know country or city [Music] [Music] I know I talked about the Steam Mop that I ended up buying earlier which I’m gonna show you here and maybe next week’s video but I still love this mop it’s the o-cedar spin mop and so what I’ll probably end up doing is rotating between the steam up and the spin mop this mop does a really good job and you can find it at Target Amazon Walmart pretty much any store like that [Music] but no what you need [Music] after I was done with the main area I wanted to clean the laundry room and give it a really good deep cleaning and I get a lot of questions on the little hand vacuum you just saw me using I keep that in the laundry room just because that’s the best place to keep it while it charges and we also keep our litter box for our cat in a laundry room so it just makes it easier to quickly vacuum up any litter that comes out of the litter box so I’m also going to tell you how I cleaned tell you the order in which I clean so it’s gonna look kind of confusing based on my outfits but these two cleaning sessions or the cleaning that I did I broke up into two cleaning sessions but when I clean my laundry room I cleaned it on the first night and then I had to go to bed I didn’t have time to clean my washer and dryer but just for the sake of keeping it simple for you guys I figured you would want to see me deeply my washer and my dryer right after I cleaned the rest of the laundry room so I just included those clips right after this clip of me cleaning the laundry room and then you’ll see me go back and clean the rest of the house so it’s kind of confusing but you guys you guys get it right so I just wanted it to be a little bit easier for you to follow along and see me clean my laundry room and then deep clean my washer and my dryer sometimes when I’m thinking about us before we got lost and we parted back-to-back we would carry on and we do anything for we started at this time [Music] we’re not safe and sound now safe [Music] some reason bothers me it’s okay so let’s deep clean the washer and the dryer and I’m going to tell you step by step and how I did it so first I started out by dumping about 2 cups or you could do a whole box of baking soda into the washer and you run it on a superhot cycle for the longest cycle that’s possible on your washer [Music] after that cycle is done running you want to pour in two cups of white distilled vinegar and about 10 drops of either lavender essential oil or tea tree essential oil and then dump that all in the washer and run it on another superhot long cycle [Music] and then after both of those cycles are done running I knew the actual inside of the washer was clean so then I got my husband to come in and use the drill to remove the lid of the washer so I could really get into every crease and every crevice of the washer and the dryer and yes call me a princess or whatever but anytime anything needs to be hung a drill needs to be used I just callin my husband and he does it for me but anyways I went in there to vacuum all of that crud that was under the lid but it was hardened on there and it wouldn’t even vacuum up so I sprayed it down with some vinegar and water and then I used my power scrubber to clean it all out so at this point after you’ve already seen me clean the inside of my washer and dryer I was just going to go around with some vinegar and water in the spray bottle and get into all of the creases and crevices of the washer and dryer [Music] there’s another side of trying to break able to tether to it felt so good to get into all of those creases and deep clean the washer and the dryer what are some areas like this in your house that you need to really deep clean what are some areas that you haven’t cleaned in a really long time and you kind of forget about but you need to clean right now let me know in the comment section [Music] think you’re gonna be rejected [Music] [Applause] [Music] but we are together you’re afraid to hold my trying to understand what if this doesn’t go so your dog means to be I know that you’re not tell me what is really on [Music] you’re always big bird I think is gonna be Rene [Music] see [Music] No I’m here who is in a few [Music] all right so now it’s time to clean and pick up the rest of the house and I was focusing on the upstairs at this point and obviously other than the master bathroom since I had already done that the night prior did you guys see me pick up the clothes on the floor by the bed that is my husband’s side of the bed and when he goes to bed he just takes his clothes off and throws them right on the ground I don’t understand it it’s just a lot easier to put your clothes in the clothes hamper does your husband or your boyfriend or your partner do this is it a man thing it used to bug me more but I guess I’ve learned just to pick my battles I’ve decided that it’s really not the biggest deal if that’s one of the worst things he does I can get over the head but I want to know is my husband the only one [Music] I want you more than money I wanna make sure you stay tuned for the casco hall it will be coming up here soon I promise but don’t forget to come over find me on Instagram say hi send me a message I respond to every message I get sent I just I really enjoyed chatting with you learning about your lives I like sharing parts of my life with you as well and I like posing questions you know if I have any issues or problems or just need advice I like coming to you guys on Instagram it’s fun to have a community over there so don’t forget to come find me [Music] well [Music] ha ha break3 just let me see your bad streaks maybe they’ll match my freaks yeah so the last thing I wanted to do was wipe down the baseboards and the doors in our master bedroom I honestly had forgotten to do this after I made our bed and then I randomly remembered that I had wanted to do it so I came back grab my end us and started cleaning [Music] okay so before we get to the Costco haul I didn’t end the video after that so I’m gonna go ahead and end it here thank you for sticking around into the end make sure you subscribe and have the notifications turned on for my organizing decluttering videos coming here on my channel as well as the Steam Mop review so a lot more coming out make sure you’re subscribed and let’s get to the cusco haul hey yes so I just ran to Costco and I figured I would throw it in this video because you guys seem to love grocery hauls Costco haul so I’m like why not I’ll show you guys what I got and if you like it let me know sorry my dog needs to be let out but let me but definitely let me know if you like seen grocery hauls because I can definitely include them in my videos it’s super easy so we usually go to Costco about once a month we don’t buy a lot because I mean the babies are barely eating you know what I mean so it was a little bit different this time around because I was buying things with them in mind because I don’t think it’s been a while since we went or specifically me usually when Mike goes he just goes in and gets what like the basics so it’s been a while since I’ve been there and last time I guess the girls really weren’t eating like a lot of food there were more on purees so it was kind of fun to buy for all three girls so I started out just getting some cheese puffs from Annie’s for Avery and lunches skinny pop I love my skinny pop eat it every single night I just I can’t get enough of this and this probably will last me maybe a week I’m kind of joking but probably not I got these Kodiak Kodiak cakes power waffles so we love the pancake and waffle mix we get from Costco we didn’t need any this time and we just tried their pancakes I got them from Walmart and Avery really likes them so I figured why not grab some waffles so I’m looking around and I think I left we had the Kirkland brand applesauce pouches you guys know what I’m talking about in there so Avery usually is a granola bar and applesauce or veggie pouch type of girl for breakfast and it never really bothered me so I got these for her as well but it never really bothered me with her because she’s a really really good eater she has always been a good eater we don’t have to fight with her we don’t have to negotiate really with her she just has always been a good eater typically what she would eat I mean it varies but a lot of times she’ll eat a pouch a Niroula bar for breakfast I’m a breakfast eater Mike is not I understand that not everyone’s a breakfast eater I’m just happy she’s eating something but then she would eat a really really good lunch she doesn’t go to day care she doesn’t go to school we know what she eats for lunch and dinner and she would always eat a really really good breakfast lunch and dinner so I never put up a fight with the breakfast now recently I don’t know if she’s going through a growth spurt or what but she’s been getting hungry about mid-morning and wanting a snack and so I mean I’m all for a healthy snack but if she’s not eating a good breakfast then I don’t want her to get a snack so we’ve been switching up breakfast more so that’s why I got the power waffles because she really liked the pancakes and they have 12 grams of protein and then something else when the girls start going off of their bottles I thought that would be something else good for them to eat as well some chicken sausage no edit or no sugar no MSG preservatives nitrates or nitrites um but I thought thought this would be a good protein source specifically for the babies and Avery of course got this this is new I’ve never seen this they have a cauliflower crust pizza I’ve seen their before that we’ve gotten but I’ve never seen this one and it also has plant-based sausage which Mike loves sausage on his pizza so I wanted to pick this up specifically for him also for me so just a sausage pizza that ultimately is healthier I’m excited to try this one cascade platinum dishwasher tabs they were they were on sale and I price compared them to a Walmart and they were half off so I loaded up with two of them got some razors these are another thing that I’ve never bought these from Costco before but I was pricing them out and they are half the price of what I pay at Walmart so bulk is better for those this is something that I have never tried before but I haven’t whitened my teeth in a while obviously being pregnant you can’t do that so it’s been a while since I’ve really done anything and I like to do usually the white strips about once a year maybe twice a year and it’s been almost a year since I’ve done anything and I figured I’d just try this I’ve heard really good things about it so pick that up it’s just charcoal whitening toothpaste if you’re curious pick those up chicken skewers another staple that we get almost every time we go to Costco it’s just seasoned chicken and you can use them to throw in salads you can eat them on your own and it’s just nice because they’re already grilled and seasoned chicken nuggets another staple that we get every time we’re there as well as vitamin water I drink plain water 99% of the day and just usually at least one time I need something different whether it’s vitamin water or like a sparkling water or something like that I picked up some canned diced tomatoes I’ve been finding that I use a lot of diced tomatoes in my recipes so I’ve never bought these from Costco but I picked them up this time Annie’s macaroni and cheese now I don’t always get organic you guys know that but since the babies are eating more food I know this sounds really bad but because there’s so little that I feel a little bit more comes to feeding them I don’t know I just I leave more towards organic for them if I can obviously they’re not eating a full organic diet but for them I don’t know just because they’re so little I’ve been grabbing more Organa stuff okay so I’m using the granola bars as a little tripod because I don’t have mine down here but I also got this I was browsing the clothes and it’s the Danskin brand and it’s just nice it’s like longer in the back you can kind of see and it’s just super super soft and so I thought I’d pick it up but I can take it back if I don’t like it but I don’t buy a lot of clothes from there but I a lot of times when I go I’ll browse and see what they have and I thought this looked comfy for me to wear around the house or with a pair of leggings but there’s our Costco haul so nothing crazy nothing big this is typically what it looks like when we go but I’m sure it will our Costco hauls will be growing as our girls grow [Music]


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  33. nope my husband does the same and i have just learned to live with it cause he isn't doing to be mean. i think he is just so tired so i give him grace in this area. some may not agree.

  34. A night person unfortunately. And definitely country living. Me and my family are from a small town. And decided to move to the city, and we hate it.

  35. Next weekend I'm getting hubby to pull out the fridge and stove, also the washer and dryer. I'm afraid to think about what the floors look like behind all of them!😲😂😂

  36. I recently deep cleaned my washer and dryer but would like to see how you deep clean your stove. I really need to get in my stove and clean it down!

  37. I used to be a night person but lately I’ve been turning into a morning person. But now just thinking about it, it depends on the season. In the winter I’m more of a night person.

  38. Ok so my husband doesn't do that with his clothes but OMG he does leave a million shoes on his side or under the bed drives me nuts but I also pick my battles lol he's been like that our entire marriage so I don't think he will stop.

  39. Jamie you’re the queen of cleaning. Your girls can probably eat off your floors! Your house has got to be the cleanest house in all YouTubers. I can bet my money on that. Thanks for the Washer cleaning hack. I’m going to try it. To answer your this or that questions: 1-I’m a night owl, and 2-I’m Just like you to want to live between the city and the country. Yes please include Costco hauls when you can.

  40. I am a morning person, I like to live in the middle not too far from the city but in the country where it’s quite. Also I like the switch with the start of the bathroom.

  41. It doesn't matter whether top or bottom you are just motivation I've been down in the dumps lately so I watch your videos and I'm finally seeing the light getting up the energy to tackle my house it's just me and my dog and my apartment is a mess I pulled out stuff to organize and I didn't finish so now it's worse lol but I'm trying I love you lady send some energy my way

  42. Definitely a night person x like the switch. Could you please let me know how you keep your cat off the counters and away from food & leftover food x I'm in between I live in Dublin Ireland but I'm 30 mins from the city centre not quite the country either. Nothing at the moment thanks to your videos. My boyfriend has his own place he brilliant at keeping it very clean xx love grocery hauls xx

  43. I’m more of a night owl by force not by choice (mom life). I like the suburbs (I know that wasn’t a choice but I didn’t like neither). My husband does put his clothes in the laundry bags but putting them in the correct one is a different story.

  44. I started complaining about my husband leaving his clothes in the floor…then he started putting them in my clean clothes baskets (I have several and he says they confuse him)…so now, I tell him just leave them where they fall HAHA.

  45. Always enjoy seeing your hauls and your new top looked cute! Don’t mind where you start cleaning though I understand why you wanted to change it up. Definitely looking forward to spring! I think I’m more of a night owl naturally though I feel like I can get more done if I get started earlier! The girls’ birthday invitations look so cute – can’t believe they’re going to be a year soon! 😊

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