Mob in the broadcasting club (モブサイコ100)

Ah.. Test,Test This is the broadcasting club of salt middle school This time has come again.. Last time i had master with me
so it worked out somehow but.. Today i’m by myself.. It is gonna be ok?.. Ahre?…Brother??.. Ritsu! What are you doing at the broadcasting room?? Well.. From now on,i’m doing broadcasting club activity as well Broadcasting club activity?? Were you in the broadcasting club?! In fact,i’ve joined the broadcasting club from last month That’s weird.. Did our school had a broadcasting club?? They asked me to do an advertisement of the anime.. Ah~ Advertisement for the anime! Then you have a no choice i gonna be good enoughfor it? I think it ‘d been better if more reliable person like you were in charge of it instead of me.. Brother.. I can’t even talks in humorous way.. That’s not true You just have to be yourself But.. Be confident,brother!
You can defiantly do this! But if you need any help,let me know i’m in the Student council
so can’t help you every time but I will be your strength Ritsu.. Hey,if you don’t get started now,
you won’t have much time Today i will stay next to you Okay! i will do my best! Good! Let’s get started then! Yes! we go!

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