Miami HEAT energizes fans with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe

[MUSIC].>>We make people happy. Whether it’s a little kid coming to their first game or season folks
that have been coming for years, the smiles on their faces
when big plays happen, when the act first gets
on stage for concerts, that moment is what we live for, and that experience is powered
by Adobe and Microsoft. We selected Microsoft because there’s no other place where we can go find an enterprise capable platform
to do so many different things. They provide the data
warehouse, the Azure Cloud, and The Power BI platform
that visualizes all of this data that’s really
mission critical for us. Microsoft and Adobe are the backbone
to our customer journey.>>It was a no brainer. The fact that they already have readily available integrations with our existing Microsoft technologies, it was a sense to really bring it in and be able to move the data
for both platforms.>>We’ve got a lot of
digital properties. We have,,, the award winning
Miami Heat mobile app; and we want to know
what are users doing across all of these different
digital properties.>>We use the Microsoft Azure Cloud
to collect and enrich our data so that we can provide it to the rest of the business in the
seamless and in an automated way.>>First, we are scoring every lead
that comes into this building, whether it’s for mobile
ticketing data that we capture, Wi-Fi data that we capture, data that we capture
from Adobe Analytics or campaign, and say “Hey, this person would have a high
propensity to by a season ticket, or this person will be a great fit
for a retail store buyer.”>>This data is moved into Microsoft Dynamics so
that our reps can ensure that we are in track to drive those leads through
the phones to where we convert them into new customers.>>That’s why we
selected Dynamics 365 to enable our salespeople
to better sell. After we implemented the data
warehouse and Dynamics 365, we had a 30 percent year over year increase in our season ticket sales, with essentially the
same team on the floor.>>All of this information is made available through Power BI
so that we can measure our performance and it’s
accessible by our ownership, our executive leadership,
right down to the guest services rep who’s
working at the arena events.>>Our vision here is we just
want to understand our fan. Understanding the fan provides
for a great customer experience, but it’s also great for
our business as well. We now make data-driven
decisions rather than focusing on assumptions or
the way things used to be done. This has transformed
the way we do business. [MUSIC]

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