1. LOL, well, these youtube suggestions are so bad that I usually watch only 2 to 4 of them whenever I'm bored – all the other stuff are videos I can determine from the title and thumbnail that I don't want to watch them. And among those 2-4 videos I watch, there are often many that I consider having wasted my time on. So, Google, in a way I'm glad I have not given you enough relevant data to know me inside and out, how I look naked and how often I fap (or whatever else). And I want to keep it that way. Because I don't want to be owned by Google, I don't want my behavior being predicted, nor do I want Google to have a psyche profile of me, or any other biometric data for that matter. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, GOOGLE?!?!?

  2. This tends to lead to stagnation as boredom sets in from watching the same stuff over and over. I often find that I have to select "not interested" because "I've already watched the video" even without having reset my watch history.

  3. I really think whole idea to base video place in the results on how often it's being shared in social networks is just DUMB. It's no secret, that these days useless and stupid videos are being shared lot more than actually useful and practical videos, and as a result, really good stuff is being buried underneath tons of stupid but "popular and trendy" videos, shared and likeb by people, who don't even understand what they are watching.

  4. I just keep getting recommendations of videos I've already seen or that are already in my 'watch later' playlist. That's not very clever technology if you ask me.

  5. i still dont get why i can tell the algorithm that I already watched this Video as an answere to why i dont want to watch this Video. also when I do a random search for stuff I don't know about, I get it recommended, even though I didn't watch any Videos half way through. just some minor issues, which really piss me off.

  6. I don't remember a single time the youtube search result gave me the exact video I remember… you need some work especially on ML so I can find things by what's inside the video.

  7. what about those thousands of minecraft, cs:go, wwe channels i should flag as 'uninterested' on a daily basis? this is massive bs.

  8. "So, when you look up politics, religion or philosophy, you're sure to find videos whose stances you already agree with. Data works. For you."

  9. Can't even find content i already subbed because you don't allow us to organize channels by themes/lists/tags/anything. Had to unsub to all small youtubers. You're losing the You in Youtube, the long tail (not even talking about social). Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, they may thank you Google :/

  10. Dont forget guys, everything you search on google/youtube goes to google servers where they can SEE what you have searched for..there is no more privacy on the internet

  11. "How YouTube finds videos you want to watch" You mean "why we will fill your recommendations with ASMR channels just because the autoplay feature once switched to one"?

  12. Google can you please give me the ability to remove a single video from my recommended page. I hate getting stupid memes in there.

  13. It is very annoying to view all suggested videos on the home page after you already did a search. It was very pleasant to view random video suggestions from various topics related to viewer's interest

  14. In addition, sometimes it seems like youtube force you to watch videos that are not related to your interest or prior search result. If that is the case, then why not suggest videos that enhance cultural awareness and/or quality entertainment…

  15. i already knew all this but the part i need to talk about is "match yours"
    this part of the system has WAY to much issues… the things we're getting on our feed is just no… 1000 degree knife i mean… this year youtube chose to give us say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? wich is better but it has nothing to do with my data besides the fact that i watch meme's but then again… how can data know what is meme and what is not…. it whasn't trending this year it whas trending 2009… this year and last year noone has made these yet… so yeah, my question is: "how does data know whats meme if it isn't trending?"

  16. How I wish the Google algorithms (Youtube recommendations) were as simplistic as this video portrays them to be? Cant we find good people in USA who can dismantle Google (Alphabet)'s marketing lies and who are not on Google's payroll or consider Google algorithms to be world's best? Let us say Dr. Ben Shneiderman to start with.

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