Manage Partitions on Linux Mint System with Single Partition

The video demonstrates the process of editing partitions on Linux Mint System having a Single Partition Let us first check what happens if we try to edit partitions using ‘Disks’ application? Open built-in “Disks” application. Let us shrink the only existing partition and create free disk space Click on ‘Resize’ option under ‘settings’ icon and use slider to resize partition. Click on ‘Resize’ button after adjusting the slider appropriately. Provide Admin password when prompted to save partition changes Single Partition will not be edited and system will display error message as the partition is busy due to running Linux Mint files. Close ‘Disks’ application Insert Linux Mint bootable Flash Drive (Check out links in description of the video to check methods of creating Linux Mint bootable Flash Drive) Reboot the system While the system is rebooting press F10 (or Del or F9 or F12 or Esc) to enter boot Setup Select USB Storage Boot as Booting Device from boot options. Save and Exit. The system will reboot again. While the system is rebooting press F9 (or Del or F10 or F12 or Esc) to display Boot Menu. Select Flash Drive as Boot Device from the Boot Menu List and Hit Enter (Here its second option) The system will boot from Flash Drive and display Linux Mint Boot Menu Start Linux Mint from Flash Drive The Live session of Linux Mint will load from Flash Drive Open ‘GParted’ application Select the only single Partition displayed Click on ‘Resize/ Move’ button Use the slider to resize partition. White portion will be partition size and Grey portion will be Free space. Click on ‘Resize/ Move’ button after adjusting the slider appropriately Shrink partition will add to pending task queue Grey will be free space and White will be shrunk Partition Click on “Apply all Operations” button and then ‘Apply’ button to complete pending tasks Wait for partition changes to apply Partition shrunk. Press ‘Close’ button to close operation dialog box Close GParted application Reboot the system to close Linux Mint Live Session Remove Linux Mint bootable Flash Drive and press ‘Enter’ The system will reboot into Linux Mint from Hard Disk Login to Linux Mint Open ‘Disks’ Application Now we have a partition with Linux Mint system files and some free disk space Select Free space and click on plus (+) button to create new partition on the disk utilizing this free space Use some free space by adjusting slider to create another partition You may also use ‘+’ (plus) & ‘-‘ (minus) buttons to resize partition You may also change Disk capacity units to MG, TB or GB, etc. as per your convenience Click on ‘Next’, provide new volume name and click on ‘Create’ button Wait for the new partition to be created from free space (Provide Administrator password if prompted) Let us mount the partition and open it. Create, mount and use another partition from the balance space in similar way as just seen (Use balance free space). Let us now see how to delete partition, free space and expand an existing partition Move any files from partition before deleting it. Select empty partition 3 and click on minus (-) sign Click on ‘Delete’ button to delete partition, ensure there is no data on partition before deleting The partition is deleted and Disk space is free Now let us expand the Partition 2 by including this free space. Select Partition 2 and click on ‘Resize’ option under ‘settings’ icon Use the slider to adjust size of the partition and click on ‘Resize’ button Wait for the partition to be resized Partition 2 is expanded by including unallocated disk space Close ‘Disks’ application Thanks for Watching. Hope you find it useful. If yes, then don’t Forget to Like, Comment and Share the Video. Subscribe the channel to receive latest Updates.


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