Linux Mint Design – Modernes Black & White Theme ! (Cinnamon) | [Theme Tutorial] [Deutsch/German]

the subtitles currently only contain the most important parts of the video Hey and welcome to this video. And today I’m going to show you how to install the design layout you can currently see in the background. Right now I’m going to give you a closer look at it… so you can better decide if you want to add it on your Linux Mint installation I tried to get a sort of black and white style modern theme. For example this file browser window has some dark and some light elements to it. I used the “arc-darker”-theme for it. The task bar at the bottom for example is black, however the start menu has a white finish to it. In addition to that i also have some addons int he task bar And up here there also is a big clock widget that also displays some system information and here at the right side is some more system information for cpu and ram usage Here at the bottom left are these indicators for used disk space and ram usage again, but the are completely optional. Okay let’s take a look at the installation of this design. So right now I’m having here a fresh install of Linux Mint cinnamon. First of all open up your terminal (ctrl+alt+t) All commands that I’m going to use now are also in the video description so you can go ahead and copy-paste them 😉 (ctrl+shift+v to paste) enter first command


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