LÀM “NHIỀU THỨ” VỚI PHOTOSHOP!!? | 5 mẹo chỉnh ảnh bằng Adobe Photoshop

Hello everyone I just realize that I have never guided you how to use Photoshop it’s all about Lightroom, Premiere, all other softwares but no Photoshop, unbelievable To be honest I don’t use Photoshop that much But in some cases, it’s Photoshop that can solve my problems So that today i will guide you how to to use some small tips but i believe they will be useful for you Let’s start I receive lots of comments on make a basic Photoshop video But to me, Photoshop is such a whole world If you don’t know then it can even edit videos on Photoshop So i will start with the easiest one Some tips that help your photo editing much easier Let’s go into this Today’s Photoshop that I use is Adobe Photoshop 2020 which is the latest version of Photoshop My advice is that in order to be able to do all the tricks I show you today try to update your Photoshop to the latest version By upgrading to the latest version, it’s much more easy to run, include more functions why don’t we upgrade it? remember to upgrade it and now let’s dig into this My first tip is how to use Lightroom inside Photoshop I really hate everytime I edit my photos I have to go back and forth between Lightroom and Photoshop Some are familiar with Photoshop, while others are familiar with Lightroom, so how can we use these two softwares continuously if you are using Lightroom, you can easily right click on your photos and choose “Edit in Adobe Photoshop” like in my last video or here, or it will show up somewhere around here But if you are working in Photoshop and you need something in Lightroom, then here’s the way With this photo here, you will right click on this layer here Choose “Convert to Smart Object” after converted click on filter up here, choose “Camera Raw Filters” It will open a new window that looks pretty much exactly like Lightroom you can adjust Exposure here Contrast, etc, just like in Lightroom There are many other options like Tone Curves Details, and everything like HSL, Lens Distortion Fix all the tools are just like Lightroom though in different orders, but the most interesting one that I found is that we can use our Lightroom Preset in Photoshop In order to do that, just click this button you have all the preset that you use in Lightroom in Photoshop move your cursor here and it will automatically review for you Even such long preset folders like this, it will automatically import for you Generally, i think you can use like 90% or 95%, 99% of Lightroom functions within Photoshop My advice for using this Filter is remember to change your photo to smart object first, because once you have finished adjusting i will click on a preset here press OK. At this point, all effects that you adjust are not applied to the photo right away it will stay here just below this layer you can switch on/off the effect it’s much easier and it gives you the ability to adjust it more my second tip that i want to introduce to you i think many of you have used it before but it’s a little bit difficult before that’s how to separate your subject from the background before we had to draw little by little soft edge, blah blah, such tiring process but now in Photoshop, as you have upgraded to the latest version selecting your subject is super easy now, it will take like 2 clicks. I will do it now. Go to photoshop Choose Quick Selection Tool Before I often have to click on this and start drawing on my subject sometimes when I draw out of the edge I will select the whole area outside but what I’m going to do today is not using this outdated tool Right click here Choose Object Selection Tool It will let you draw a rectangle Next, just release your cursor Photoshop has helped you select your object Now you can zoom in here and see how it selects See It did such fantastic job it selects hair part, all the surrounding parts at this point, if you want to fix, choose “Select and Mask” We change the view to Red so we can see it clearly it selected out object fast and ok right? Now we pick the tool here: Refine Edge After that Rebrush the surrounding Alright, that’s it, with just a few simple steps we have selected our object here, press OK then Ctrl/Command J we have successfully separated our object from the background Pretty fast ha? However I know that it’s not very nice here. I missed a few hairs cause I’m lazy But it helps you not to go fix all areas that need more details My next tip is how to crop out the background Have you ever go back and wish that I should have shot this wider I wish I have more space for this my background should be wider a little bit so I can add this to the photo. If yes, then i will show you a tip For example, with this photo I’m just sitting and working In front of me is a wall. I want to add some texts here Tung Handsome Now i want it bigger the text is now upon my head So now i want to extend the wall in front of me The way is super easy Select the background, which is your photo Select Crop tool here With this crop tool, you can drag this to the top after that, you can press OK here at this point, we have a different dimension of the frame However in order to extend the background, you have to select to select the Marque Tool here then drag on this part of the wall here press Command T, hold Shift and start dragging this background so that’s how i extend the background in the most natural way without having to draw meticulously or fixing it if the color is not consistent However, this way is applied to only simple background Background with details like moutains, jungles, …. we need to apply another way, i will go back to previous photo and show you For example with this photo I want to change it from vertical to horizontal i will crop the vertical side a little bit there’s no problem with that. However what we need is to stretch the horizontal. Then how can we do it? All we need to do is to choose Crop tool up here then drag the border to your ratio for example i want to be as close as 21:9 When you stretch it like this Don’t press OK Choose Content aware Then press OK. At this point, Photoshop will work and calculate and give you this result, where it recognizes what should be surrounding like mountains, jungles, rivers. Of course, in some circumstances the result can’t be this perfect then all you need to do is to use Clone Stampt and start brushing Fast right? We used to have to copy this, paste to that, … so tiring. Next tip is how can we undo more Undo means Ctrl + Z or Command Z maybe we get something wrong while brushing or drawing and then we can undo those steps In previous version of Photoshop, we can possibly undo just 15 steps or 25 steps. However, to many people, like me I often carelessly do I have to adjust that undo so that I can undo more Then how can we do it? Go to Photoshop, Preferences General. In this window we can find Performance tab you can see that my History State here is 25 This is the number of steps I can undo if i brush too many times, I can only undo most recent 25 steps Therefore my advice is that you can adjust this number For example to me, I want this to be 100 steps then press OK. Now you can do whatever you want like Clone Stamp I’m brushing by mistake with this Clone Stamp tool I can Ctrl Z It will erase all the steps that I just made Some might ask why keep those undo at 100 We, of course, can set even more let’s see what’s the maximum we can set 1000 times However there are some problems with this history state and undo which are if you set this one more, Photoshop will have to save more steps you make. If it has to save too much it will slowdown your software then my advice is set it around 100 that’s OK. You can undo freely My final tip is How to boost your Photoshop I will show you how to boost your Photoshop faster Have you ever edited a photo and then you put in too many layers if you click somewhere, Photoshop will stop working right away? If yes, this is what you need to do Delete cache Choose edit Choose Purge. You can see here it gives you lots of option about what to erase it’s these caches that make your Photoshop slower But before erasing this, I have to warn you Once you erase it, you can’t undo it I talk about you can undo like 100 times, or even 1000 times However when you choose Purge you erase all the data in the temporary memory it will erase all the histories as well therefore there’s no way you can go back So make sure that you only do this when you have nothing to undo and when you are sure, just press All Take a look carefully here, i still have lots of steps in histories but when i choose OK here it erased all the steps i just made so that’s how to make Photoshop ran smoother, faster while editing that’s my everyday tips and I believe that these tips will help you edit your photos faster, easier and especially your Photoshop run smoother I wonder if you still have any tips, comment below for me Do you like a video just about Basic Photoshop Comment below for me Before closing this Youtube tab we have a Like, Share and Subscribe button below And now Bye Bye


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