Install MS Office 2016 (via Crossover) and run Unikey on Linux (Kubuntu 17.10) testing

music… Launch Crossover search “Microsoft Office 2016” to install Choose installer file or folder Seclect a “bottle” to install into, if you don’t know what this is, just choose (New Windows 7 bottle) installing some fonts and packages type anything you want and next :v hmm… Crossover can’t download to install a font, just wait to skip 😀 ok, Skip This Step Office installer has launched ok, just do something and wait… hmm… too long :v lag? like & follow Ubuntu VN fanpage 😀 Welcome to Ubuntu VN group : ) over 50% 😀 Linux rating: 4/5, mean that it is not perfect seem Word, Powerpoint and Excel works well 😀 “just a moment”? :v do you paly Shooty Skies on Linux? 😀 DONE!


  1. Nice work, found via facebook group. I'll definmitly install Office on my next Ubuntu rig. Feel free to check out my channel for tech videos too.

  2. Có activated được không vậy bạn? Mình cũng đang xài Debian mà tìm cách activated chưa được.

  3. What icon pack is that? Also, can you share your desktop effects settings please? I'd like to replicate part of your setup here.

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