Install Linux App Images on Chromebook

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welcome to the next episode of Tutorial Tuesday! Today I’m going to show you how to install Linux app images on Chromebook. Now in this video we’re going to be using kdenlive as the example but this will work with just about any app
image that’s available. Now before I jump into the tutorial I’m gonna assume that
you already have Linux beta support turned on on your Chromebook, if you
don’t click this link right up here there’s a video that shows you how to
turn that on. Because we’re doing kdenlive, if you’re doing something like
a video editor or graphics editor or anything that’s graphically intensive,
you also want to turn GPU acceleration on, so I’m going to assume you have that
on as well. Again I have another video, click this
link if you want to know how to turn that on.
So once those are both turned on
come back to this video and I will show you how to install kdenlive using an app
image on your Chromebook. Alright so the first thing we want to do is go out to
the website for whatever application you’re downloading in this case we’re
going to be going out to the kdenlive site and in the Downloads area they have
a bunch of app images that you can download so I’m going to download that
app image it just downloads like any other file and we’ll wait for that to
complete so we have that app image downloaded and right now it’s in our
downloads folder but we’re not going to be able to see that from our Linux
installation so we need to copy that file so just open up the files app go
into your downloads area copy that file and paste it into the Linux files
that’ll copy it over into an area that we’ll be able to see it from the
terminal so we can continue on with the next step now that that file is copied
over into the Linux files area we need to open our Linux terminal so we want to
open up our apps list or just tap on the search icon and type in terminal that’ll
bring that up and we’ll be ready to input our commands so when you first
download the app image it’s not set as executable meaning we can’t run it at
this point so we need to issue a command to change that you type in sudo space
chmod space a plus x space the name of the application now a little tip here is
you can start typing the name of the application and then hit tab if it’s the
only application in that directory that starts with those letters you typed
it’ll automatically fill in the rest of the name and then you just hit enter so
now that the app image is set as execute we are ready to launch it and to do that
we just type in period slash and then the name of the application
it’ll just launch it right up and we’ll be able to use the app in this case
kdenlive we can drag our video files in start editing you can do this with gimp
Prakriti or tons of other linux applications that have app images
available you can download them and install them in this way so that’s all
there is to it you just download the app image copy at the Linux files make it
executable and run it now the reason you would want to do this versus installing
it through like sudo apt install is that when you do the app install it uses the
repositories and usually there’s very old versions of these applications in
this repository using the app image you can go out to the vendors website and
download newer versions the reason why I didn’t pick the very newest for kdenlive
is that I’ve done hours of testing with kdenlive
and those newer versions do not work properly on my Chromebook but for other
applications like GIMP or credo or anything like that those brand newest
app images will probably work just fine and you’ll be able to run those newest
versions of those applications if you have any questions or comments please
leave those down in the comments section below if you have any recommendations
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