I’m In Norway! + Minimalist International Carryon Packing Tips


  1. I KNEW IT !!! Our hearts are both there and people we love are there. I'm so happy that you get some time with your Bestefar. When they go , it breaks our heart that we are not allways with them. That we didn't ask more. Ask about the war ask about when he was a kid.We are going in dECEMBER FOR JUL. so lucky that you were able to just go to see the people you love.

  2. I’m from the southeast of Norway, and we never get this much snow 😫 Which is probably why a lot of Norwegians travel to the mountains whenever they can! Looks like you had an awesome trip 😍

  3. Born and raised in Norway and having to shovel your way to the cabin is such a mood. 🙈 Hope you had a great stay! Norway is beautiful ❤ PS; pretty sure the meat on your sandwich was cured ham(spekeskinke) 👌

  4. I am totally in love with Norway 🇳🇴 being Canadian, from Toronto I’ve always loved snow ❄️ but Norway is other level snow ❄️ ❤️❣️ Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Does your dad speak to Harper in Norwegian? I'm not fluent in my parents home languages anymore 🙁 but if I ever had kids their explicit instructions are not speak English. Also we definitely had snow drifts that high AFTER i left Minnesota for my last vacation.

  6. I loved this video. I have never been to Norway, but it is on my bucket list. I also love the way you inserted words to tell us what things we were seeing. Great job!! The views were beautiful. Thanks for taking us along!

  7. Wow~ what a beautiful country~ especially with all the snow. We love any footage with your dad so thanks for including him too!

  8. I am shocked with how Kristina intentional and consistent with her channel IT'S LITERALLY MIND BLOWING!!! Here's why I watch this channel since 2014 and here's always interesting content TRAVEL VLOGS are awesome, TECH and CAR reviews are amazing, it's so insane what you bring to us!!! I want to encourage you to never stop and know we are always here to support and share moments with you!!!!!

  9. This extra time with your father will also be a memory you'll have forever. I lost my father a little over a year ago at only 61 and I cherish all the memories when it was just us spending time together. So, I'm happy that you get this time but in a loving way, I'm jealous too. <3

  10. I wish HB and Harper would Vlog during your away time. Tell your dad if he likes Bobby Axelrod in Billions, to be sure to check out Homeland which is another awesome show that this actor played a great role in. Norway is very interesting and makes for awesome photos.

  11. I’ve followed you for a while, and didn’t know you had Norwegian ancestry! I’m a Norwegian medical student myself, great seeing your videoes💕

  12. This was awesome. The snow! I lived in Alaska, and it brought back some wonderful memories. Have a great visit with your grandfather and the rest of the family, and thanks for sharing.

  13. Thank you Kristina this was beautiful and that snow absolutely amazing amazing I’m in Florida never get to see weather like that. Loved this. Enjoy your time in Norway.

  14. I love the Norway vlogs!! So cool to to hear all the Norwegian words for things and what the food and town looks like. Thank you for taking time to show this!, 🐝bhive

  15. This is the kind of place I hope to take my kids when I have them! I've never been in snow that amazing and it looks so beautiful and fun!

  16. I loved this video.  I am mostly Norwegian and my dream is to visit someday.  Is that typically how much snow they get in the winter?  Holy Cow!!!  Is that a family vacation home or did your parents live their?  Sorry for all the questions, but this is very interesting to me.  It would be fun to see Harper react to all that snow.  Have a great week!

  17. I am so happy for you that you get to spend some quality "father daughter" time in Norway! I lost my father in my 20's so treasure all these special moments and know that although I'm jealous – I'm so happy that you still have your dad and get to do special things like this. Tell you grandpa happy early birthday from me!

  18. I loved this video Kristina!! I loved seeing Norway and how you showed us your heritage culture. Enjoy your grandfather and enjoy your trip.

  19. Pretty sure I’m not the only guy subscriber here, but just wanted to say that I’m a fan of yours, specially your travel vlogs (Ireland with your mom, Norway last year) and that I really like the way you edit your content. That being said please have more travel vlogs! I’ve been to Oslo, and to Trondheim several times, truly gorgeous.

    Also, I like how you return to being a little girl when your dad’s around, adorbs! 😉

  20. Kristina, you may have heard this already, but they are now addressing it here in the United States. Will be keeping you lifted up in prayer as well as ALL Of beautiful Norway. https://twitter.com/Jerusalem_Post/status/1232759012086763520

  21. I think a “Norwegian slang” with Kristina Braly could be hilarious as a parody of those vanity fair videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZBNfn3Qo7I)

  22. Canada enters the snow chat. We once had 65cm where I live … couldn’t see out the door! But that’s life here. -5 C means my light jacket no gloves or scarf. It’s beach weather! Lol jk jk

  23. Do you happen to know what kind of radiator system that the home there has? Just curious what kind of system that is with the white heaters on the walls😊

  24. Ah, I could have run into you at Newark if you were just one day later. I was not headed off to a snowy climate, but rather to Turks and Caicos (which I also vlogged). 🙂 Love watching you still after all these years!

  25. Wow Kristina you look very nice and beautiful amazing Norway video well done 😊😊❤️❤️👍👍

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