i nEeD MOrE dAtA (again..)

About a year ago around this time the Fortuna
update was released and it was the biggest update yet and people were naturally like
HMMMM I was also like that. And I went further than
hmmm. If you’re an old veteran Better Viewer Pending you might remember I made a big survey
so I could collect people’s thonks and make sense of it because a lot of people loved
Fortuna and a lot of people didn’t, for a variety of reasons. I collected over five
thousand responses and then I never really used that data for anything. Well other than blackmail- I uh I mean I didn’t use it for anything. And now, since it’s been one whole year and
since I am a big nerd and don’t like data going to waste I can pretend like: wow, this
was all planned. I am not lazy, I am super smart. I patiently waited an entire year so
I could gather your opinions on Fortuna now, in hindsight, then compare it with the original
and evaluate. That’s what this video is for. To tell you there’s now a new survey, similar
to the first one, where you can input your thoughts about Fortuna. If you want to help
me gather more data, please, do take some time and answer the questions in the survey
accurately – don’t skim over quickly it in order to give me more numbers, that’s not
what I am looking for. The link is in the description. And unless
history repeats itself I should make a big boring video
presenting the data sometime later this year. That’s a reasonable time frame I feel.


  1. A year after fortina launched and still no primary kitguns or the final orb momma, instead we get ui changes no one wanted, the kingpin system, wich is now shadow of mordor, and no railjack or new war, both teased along side fortuna, gg de

  2. Amazing place but the enemies spawn waaay too often (even when your in the middle nowhere) and tend to be op(over leveled or otherwise)

  3. Fortuna is good, but a really good story is missing to make it memorable. All we have untill now is the introduction, a piece of lore and one good boss fight( the first one).

  4. Hey Better Name Pending, could you possibly tell your Corpus friends to please leave me alone when i'm fishing? I just want to harvest parts from robot fish so i can build a better gun to kill grineer with, I would appreciate it if they stopped shooting me. Thanks!

  5. "What content do you most like from the Fortuna Update? Riven Disposition changes?" Yeah, I love it when DE nerfs my Pyrana Prime.

  6. tfw you try to pee and poo but then poo comes out of your peepee and pee comes out of your poopoo and ur pants are still on

  7. Basically I don't like it because it has its own seperate progression that is useless outside of fortuna, barring kitguns (they're getting nerfed lol), moas, and the Tatsu

  8. I don't like fortuna because that's when directX9 stopped being supported and my old ass PC couldn't keep up anymore (3FPS, really)

    I'm still gathering money to be able to play again

  9. I wish DE would remember about Garuda's existence, nobody plays her anymore since she's so damn slow and ineffective compared to even Vauban. Although I'd probably play her a bit if they ever released her deluxe skin.

  10. I hate that i still have an exergis riven that i want to use but i dont have good archguns, dont want to give up max rank max standing for red veil, and i still dont have max 4tuna standing
    Eudico, i hope you and your shitty btec bunker burn alive and get eaten by your own kind you miserable useless bitch of a character

  11. Let me guess. The content of the survey is the actual punchline.? You think You require more Data? That data is required so a survey is needed? Irrelevant. Simaris is all you need.

  12. Okay, done.
    That's a lot of questions 😂
    Good luck with that many participants fam
    Your calculator and your Excel spreadsheet will start burning

  13. Ah Fortuna. That second open world I gave even less of a shit about.
    What's your MR? I actually have to look this up since at some point MR becomes so utterly meaningless.

  14. The War on my Frames does make Orb Valis not the chillest place.
    If you catch my fish.
    Also light blue knock around hell.

  15. I'd love to take that survey but I'm new to the game and I've been to Fortuna like 3 times so far so I can't really give you proper answers, what I can tell you though that going there at around 3am in the morning is a very bad idea for your eyesight.

  16. Fortuna is great cause i can go visit hot girls like eudico and little duck and then can go to a snowy map and kill and slaughter how many corpus that i want which killing and slaughtering corpus and their garbage robots is my favorite work

  17. You have the option the enter the survey as a console player, but you're also asked to rate the Old Blood update…
    I guess I'll go give it a safe 8.

  18. Ryza, really ?! That's the worst forge world of the multiverse. They don't have Belisarius Cawl!!!!!

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