How to Update Kali Linux

– Hi, in this video we’ll show you quickly how to update Kali Linux using
the command line tool APT. Right now in this scenario, I’ve got Kali Linux 2019.1
running in VirtualBox. It doesn’t really matter which version of Kali you have running though, the process is the same. So once you’ve logged into Kali, go to a terminal window. It’s usually the second icon down beneath Firefox right here. Click on that. I’m gonna hit Control + Shift
+ Plus to make this larger. The first thing you want to do in the terminal
window is do apt-get update. So what this does, it updates the list of packages
available to be upgraded. So right now, you’ve got certain
packages installed on Kali, apt-get update, we’ll go see if there’s a newer version and basically make Kali aware
that there’s a newer version of that package or application. So hit that, it’ll take a second to do. And once that is done, we need to do apt to get upgrade, which is right here, apt-get upgrade, and this will upgrade
the existing packages to the newer versions based
on the apt-get update. Here it looks like we’ve
got 950 to be upgraded and it’s gonna take about
168 MB of additional space. Go and click on yes and
right not it’ll go out and kinda get an idea of what it’s doing. It’s fetching these packages and it will update all those packages. So that’s really the entire process. Once this is done, those
packages will be updated. You need to do this periodically to keep the packages you have
running on Kali Linux updated to the latest version.


  1. Running it as primary. Havent used that computer in ages, so logged in, ran an update and upgrade. Rebooted, get to put in the encryption password and everything works that far without errors. But then I get the underscore in top left corner and a movable cursor, no login screen. Only way out is a hard reboot. Tried all night to figure it out, my guess is that it could be something with nvidia drivers that might not be supported anymore or something like it, but wjat do I know. Something you have been out for or heard about? All I find when searching for it is ppl that runs it as VM and doesnt have virtualization activated but I even tried that just in case without any success. If I do ctrl alt f2 and on the cursor dissapears and nothing else happens, get it back if I do ctrl alt f1 tho.
    Any suggestions or solutions?

  2. Thank you for clear spoken AMERICAN ENGLISH!! Other then NEEDING youtube I will NEVER use google again!! Every single fucking tech video is a mother fucking Indian that can’t fucking talk!!! Get them their own fucking bullshit to fuck off to!!!

  3. Hey I tried it to update and got this error -> W: Failed to fetch 403 Forbidden

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