How to reset Linux Mint & Ubuntu / Linux Passwords | Tutorial

Hey everyone. Today, I am going to show you, how can
you easily reset your Linux Mint and other Linux like ubuntu forgotten password. You can get users name at the login window,
and most people keep username same as that shows on the login screen if someone keeps a different user name,
we will check it later. For now, restart this PC. When the manufacturer’s brand logo appears,
hold the shift key, that brings the Grub Boot Screen. There you must select
‘Advanced Options for Linux Mint’ then hit enter. Now select the recovery mode option then press enter. When you get a recovery menu window
select root – drop to root shell prompt then press enter. And again hit enter. First, I clear the window. Now guess, you do not know
the user name list in this PC then do is
execute this command. As you know Ubuntu and Debian based Operating
Systems use Sha512crypt hash algorithm to store user passwords in the shadow file with
a salt which starts with $6$. And we grep all lines that contain this algorithm,
and we will get all usernames in the shadow file. So, there are two users available
any user’s password you want to reset – type “passwd user name” and press enter. Now enter a new password for chosen username,
then press enter. And, enter the password again for confirmation,
then press enter. As you can see,
the password has been changed. If the password changed, password hash will
change in the shadow file as well. And, as a proof, you can see the difference. After resetting the password, force restart this PC
with “poweroff –reboot -f” command. At the login window, select a user which password
you have changed, then enter the new password, then press enter. So, this is it, the easiest way to reset Linux
Mint password. I hope, this video is helpful to you. And thanks for watching see you soon in the next tutorial.


  1. salve, io ho lo stesso problema, ho fatto la stessa procedura indicata dal video, ma quando mi esce il logo è tengo premuto il tasto MAIUSC non succede nulla.
    Come posso fare?
    p.s. complimenti per la recensione.👍

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