How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Will it Recoverit? That’s the question. Hey Guys, what’s up? It’s Mihail, very exciting to see you guys
again. Today we talk about how to recover files from
an external hard drive. What is an external hard drive? An external hard drive is a portable storage
device that can be attached to a computer through a USB or FireWire connection, or wirelessly. External hard drives typically have high storage
capacities and are often used to back up computers or serve as a network drive. As we see here, there are some different brands
and types of external hard drives. However, sometimes data in external hard drive
may be lost permanently because of the wrong usage of specified operations. Except accidentally deleted or lost files
from external hard drive, there are many other reasons can cause your data
loss from external hard disk, the disk could be a logical failure or physical failure. The most common causes of data loss:  Data loss due to the hard disk gets virus/malware
infection.  The hard drive system files got deleted
or lost, or the partition corruption.  The power failure or surge causes disk
damage.  Accidentally format the external hard
drive of the format errors.  The physical damage resulting from mishandling
or dropping. Under such scenarios, you doubtfully come
with a query that, will it recover? The answer is yes! If your data files got deleted from an external
hard drive, you can recover all lost files back with Recoverit Data Recovery software
without formatting. The external hard drive recovery program can
effectively to recover deleted files from external hard drive, even the drive got corrupted
or got accidentally formatted. Now let me show you the recovery process of
how to recover lost data from the XXXX external hard drive. After installing Recoverit on the computer,
you need to connect the external hard drive to the PC. Step 1. Launch Recoverit, then select the external
device to get started. Step 2. The hard drive recovery software will start
scanning the device to searching your lost data. The scanning will last for a while. Step 3. After the scan, you can preview some recovered
files, like photos, videos, music, Office document files. Select your files by click “Recover” button
to save them on a safe storage device. A dialog box will open demanding the location
you wish to restore the files. Select the desired but different location
and click “Save”. Then, congratulations! the deleted files have
been recovered! Finally, there is still an important tip that
should be shared with all of you. While you store all the valuable data on your
hard drive, the only reliable way to protect your data is to back up all these data regularly
on local and online. The hard drive will face tons of failure while
it became old eventually (like the chart shown below). It will be more difficult to recover data
while the failures become serious. So the best way we recommend is backing up
data rather than go through all these recovery steps every time while you encounter with
hard drive failure. However, losing files from (external) hard
drives is a very common occurrence. It happens all the time and can lead to a
number of problems for you. When this happens, you are recommended to
try professional hard drive data recovery software to find out your lost data and get
them all back. OK, this is the end of the video, if you found
this video helpful leave alike. And if you need more such data recovery solutions,
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  1. The best and fastest Data recovery software used…even the deep scan is quite fast and assures that your data is recovered…Recoverit 👍

  2. С помощью программы Recoverit я восстановил более тысячи видео с домашнего архива которые случайно были отформатированы. Объем данных 996 гига байт видео. Программа действительно очень хороша. Рекомендую!

  3. No wonder you need to frequently back up and recover files if you're using seagate drives, in my experience, they're the worst drives on the planet. I bought 4, 1 was clicking the very moment I plugged it in, we all know what that means. 1 failed after a week, 1 after a month & 1 after 6 months. I will never buy seagate again, unless they're taken over by a reliable & reputable company.

  4. I thought based on the title, that this would be an IMPARTIAL review of the various brands out there. It's NOT! This is basically an advertisement. Something which the title DOESN'T bother to let you know.

  5. My question maybe off topic but I feel it’s an important one. I recently lost my sandisk extreme ssd drive. Is there a way to retrieve or at least locate it similar to the iPhone?

  6. I tried many software. No one worked with my issues. I have lost around 3 TB on my External Hard Drive.
    I use: WD 4TB Black My Passport Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0 – WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN
    Software I tried:
    UltData – Windows

    iCare Data Recovery Pro
    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
    Wondershare Recoverit

    No one of them worked with me.

  7. ok heres a good one. if you have a HDD from a laptop, with Win 8 or 8.1, and you have the SATA USB cable (to connect it to a good safe pc) can the software determine the status of the OS on the drive? if the drive has a corrupt OS file, and, you want to copy the OS to a new SSD or HDD, wont the corrupt file(s) be copied to the new drive? does the 20 digit activation code get copied too? thanks

  8. I ll take the opportunity guys not to recommend Seagate. I have two external drive from them. They are very unstable. Sometimes it connects, others not. Be careful with this brand.The prices are attractive, but it is not worth the risk.

  9. Can i ask something. My harddisk had a .righ file viruse. I cant open it. Actually i try to fix it but still. The formate become .righ file can u help mee try to fix it. I would be greatful. Thankyou

  10. Try being a bit honest next time. The 'free' version is not free. You wouldn't know this just by going to the site and downloading. After installing and wasting time, you go to recover….no dice. Must get full version.

  11. So glad I found your vid. I was under the impression that once you deleted files they were gonsky. In my case I wish that was true. I lent my external hard drive to my ex having first deleted all of my data. A couple of weeks later he went balistic having downloaded his items to his computer and in the process my deleted files were amongst them. He then viewed my personal files and found some 'photos' which were taken some years after our separation. Can someone comment if deleted files can be 'downloaded/upoaded' or if he would have had to use a recovery program.

  12. Ok, so the process of recovery has finished however, unless I purchase a subscription I cannot save the files. I chose the free trial but now that the files have been located it won't allow me to select the trial. Not happy Jan.

  13. Pretty peeved as now I don't know if I download a 'free' recovery version that the files will still be on the external hard drive. (angry face) I just spent the better part of 2 hours having the 'Recover It' version find my files.

  14. How does one use an external hard drive as you would normally use in the laptop, but don't want to keep the software in laptop but use externally? I want to use a software [example Hitfilm Pro 14 an Blender 3d making software for animation including Photoshop for making pictures] these take a lot of space in my laptop; however, am unsure how to do this cause aren't external hard drives only for saving your information an videos etc? Please reply soonest.

  15. So, I have a 1 terabyte external harddrive(WD). I had a huge issue were during a windows update my computer didn't work properly. I had to end up reinstalling windows 10. Oddly, my external harddrive lost all its information? I have no idea where it went. Help!

  16. No offense but this presentation is awful. I've been chipping away at recovering a hard drive with my olfd computer's data on it and Im not stressed for time. Imagine if i were. the overly bubbly presentation doesnt make things better

  17. If you have dropped the external hard drive and it wont show up on laptop, will the software work to recover data on the external hard drive?

  18. Hello my brother i have a very big problem if you can help with any technical support please let me through my email : [email protected]

    1st . I had a laptop it got damaged on HDD of 760Gb
    With all my file in it i couldn't throw it away course i had hope in it and it had all my serious files in it
    By the time …i bought a new hard disk special for my laptop i puted window (10) in it…after ther it worked on my laptop very great when it came on recovering data from the previous HDD 760 i got the video on how "to recover data frm ur dead drive and it worked
    Their for i removed the new HDD 1T from my computer to replace it with the old one for the purpose to recover my files and it worked the booting and all files where transfer to the HDD 1T through external hard drive jack
    2nd there after all my files on my HDD1T i wasn't worried abt the old one but i kept on using my HDD1T AS EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE for the purpose to get more files from other friends computers , while that drive it had only one single partion…inside it there's a booting windows 10 ..i decided to create a folder named BUCKUPS believing that when am done once i return my HDD1T to my laptop i will be able to see the folder and its contents
    But once i gat home for the purpose to fix my HDD1 T to the laptop it Booted very well but i couldn't see any of my file on my BUCKUPS FOLDER but some but also the new HDD1 T had a capacity left of 789Gb left but i found it the size is 890Gb which means my files where deleted else where and the Hardisk can be viewed but can't view where are the other files and folder i tried a bunch of recovery software i could recovery but i couldn't see what i was looking for the software recovers some other numbers file but my contents are not among them.

    CONTACT ME ON EMAIL : [email protected]

  19. How many back up of back ups of back ups of back ups do we need? Lol should I back up all my data with another mechanical drive that might fail?

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