How to put Open Captions In Adobe Premiere Pro CC

HOW TO PUT AN OPEN CAPTIONS ON YOUR VIDEO USING ADOBE PREMIER PRO CC (SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS THANKYOU!) 1st: Open your Project file 2nd : Drag Your Video from Project Pannel to the Timeline sequence. 3rd: Click New Item (on the Project Pannel) CLICK CAPTIONS Click Ok(another Msg Box will pop) Change The standard type(use the dropdown list) Select Open Captions) ->OK A new Sequence of Caption will be created (Double Click to Put captions) Type your Caption/s here Drag the sequence to the Timeline You can Adjust the Time duration of the Caption by Stretching the black on the sequence. If you want to add more Just click the plus (+) sign Enjoy Captioning! Don’t forget to Subscribe ! Thankyou for watching !


  1. Hello, I loved the video! I have a very simple problem with subtitles, I can not select them and modify the format of all the segments of my open captions in adobe premiere pro cc. How can I do it?

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