How to install Ubuntu Linux on Samsung S10 Dex and Terminal mode

hi YouTube welcome to my channel in
today’s video I’m going to show you how to install Linux on a samsung s10 run it
in terminal mode and Dex mode as well I’ll show you how to install and run some
popular applications and linux apps .
Hope you enjoy this video and say is let’s get
started. To find out more about the Linux on Dex program go to and
you can check out all the details about the app that we are going to install now
this is this was in a beta program and it’s currently closed it was an
invite-only program and there is no way to join that invite the app is not
available on the Google play store or Galaxy Store so the what we’re going to do now
is going to sideload the app from third-party source now this might change
in the future so you know always check Google Play Store or galaxy Store if
there’s an official version available before you try to sideload it so first
thing you need to do is go into settings and look for a setting called
unknown sources install unknown apps and then look for chrome okay so you’re
basically allowing chrome to install an app from an unknown source because we
are going to download Linux on Dex wire your browser and install it into your
phone after you give that permission go to and search for LinuxonDex APK so let’s try and download it from the
first option here Download Open once you’ve downloaded it click open. Do
you want to install the app now it’s because you have given permissions for
chrome to install unknown sources that’s why you’re able to run this right now so
if you are not able to run this right from after downloading you need to turn
on give the permission to Chrome to unknown apps go ahead and install I opened this is the Linux on Dex app so you need
to install a container Linux container before you can run our Linux so the way
that you do it is click here then click on download from server it takes you to
the beta site and scroll all the way down and this is the image that you’re
gonna download it’s an Ubuntu 16.04 image. It’s a modified open – image
that you will download it’s about 3.7 GB let’s try to download it all right so it looks like it’s gonna
take around 20 minutes or so for it to download so I’m going to pause this
video here and then I’ll come back when the download has finished all right I
finished the download and get unzip came to extract so that download wasn’t as a format now
it’s extracting that to an IMG format it just finished unzipping all right Darren
information and put 15 GB great all right let’s try running it boom there we go browser looks okay the password for this is “secret” just gonna do an update and an upgrade
while the upgrade is going on let me show you around
few things so you can actually share files between the Linux container and
your Android system the way that you do it is go into this elderly share
internal storage and you can put your files in here and you should be able
this should show up in the lod share folder in android so just to give a test
let’s try CD desktop okay Steve all right so can go you go into LOD share you should find
the text file there there you go so that’s how you share
files between Android and the Linux system so for example if you want to
edit your photos in GIMP you can copy your photos into LOD share and that
should appear in your Linux file system here so I’ve just finished updating the
Linux operating system just want to let you know that while the update was going
on my battery was draining very fast I was using this cable this USB C to HDMI
cable and I had the power connected but even with the power connected the
battery was draining faster it’s probably because the update was CP
intensive and are you intend self so I don’t think the fast charge is supported
in this kind of a cable so what do you think will the original Samsung Dex
station support fast charge while Linux boiler using the device if you do let me
know in the comments below now you can also get the Linux command prompt while
you’re on the phone even when you are not connected to your deck index
workstation the way that you would do is open up the next on decks then of course
if you try to run it it’ll say that you know you need text to do that however
you can run the Linux terminal and from the next terminal you can do fairly bit
of things I just wanted to show you you know how to use the terminal there if
there are some special you know shortcut keys here for example if you wanted to
use VI say VI hello dot text and answered put some test tests and if
you want you can use s Escape key and callin right Q so you know there are
things like the Escape key and tab and control and function and so on which you
don’t usually get in the android keyboard let’s try a searching into a
remote server so I can copy and paste copy paste oops all right yes so I’ve logged into a
remote server that’s running on Amazon and I can do you know a lot of
administration tasks so yeah I can do some DevOps work from this command you
know even if I don’t have the full workstation I think it’s useful in many
circumstances there are some tools that come in built with this there is gate
there is Python I don’t know if there’s node oh there is no ok a lot of the
things come out of the box you can you know start using it to administer
external service or do some edits to your code maybe while on the go check in
check out from get so so I think it’s a very useful tool I can run the terminal
in split screen mode so let me try to install him it’s great yes alright I’ll pause the video now and
show you how GIMP works on the other side so I’ve successfully installed GIMP
and it seems to work I’m able to open up an image that I took from my phone
camera she’s gonna try a cartoon effect and see
what happens it’s bit slower than if he would run on a PC that concludes my demo
of the Linux on Dex what do you think is this a useful feature what would you use
it for let me know in the comments below and if you found this video to be useful
please do like and subscribe thank you


  1. Official dex pad kept my phone charged at 100% while updating. Writing this reply from linux on dex right now. I've also updated through terminal mode when not connected to the dex pad but didn't notice any massive battery level drops. I'm running from a Note 9 though, so maybe that's an issue with the S10 or I'm just lucky?

  2. Only issue I've had so far is with the program called scratch. On the S9+ sound worked through it no problem, but on the Note 9 I can't get any sound with this one program alone. Everything else works fine.

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