How to Draw and Animate in Adobe Animate CC – Drawing and animating a cartoony Medival Character

hey guys today i want to show you how to draw a medieval dude that’s going to be used in a website so let’s go ahead and we’ll pick our brush thickness will draw the nose I just the selection tool use the line tool to just close up to any gets to fill in the bucket and then do a little highlight and then you can include object so we can move it around later we’ll draw the head sort of oval shape it into the bucket tool and highlight again from the side just to make it look more 3d I command G again that’s grouping the eyes a separate object and smooth it out this moving to make it look nicer as well I like to do that often difficult however many times you want to click it to make it smoother so separate object again for the master charge and here I’m drawing the hoodie but I could have done this directly onto the actual head but at first I thought that I was separated into different layers but I didn’t by dint of it so it doesn’t matter i do it separately and I can move it around and change it up later I’d like to highlight on the side move the nose forward now i’m going to just draw some patterns on the hood just to make it more detailed look nice at play and select the whole thing and put it into a object of its own and start drawing the body fill it in the bucket tool can play around with all the colors he won there if you want a different color and highlight on the side once again i like you the highlights it just makes it look like it stands out a little bit more it’s that sort of edge and this is just adding onto the neck part it’s like a color when you do things in the group separate objects it makes it easy to add on things later on is so there I am and change the rotation point on the head so that when it comes to renovating it turns at the neck so growing the life there convert them to symbols and the rotation points at the top that’s when comes useful when you’re animating the walking working cycle afterwards while drawing arm get in the paint bucket too highlights I’ll group this and then i’ll draw them separately that means that if i want to then change the position of the hand just the hand itself i can just do it without interfering with the actual arm so here going inside or object or the symbol of the eye and I put two frames down to make it look like it’s blinking just for the eyes a bit on monitoring and inspection completely on the second and that’s enough monies that skinny guys like this to make it look like thinking I could be the arm over from one side to the other I flipped it and just so people to arms obviously and now i’m drawing the little pouch for them sword separately behind a character obviously and I’ll group this whole thing and then I’ll draw the sword separately also so i can remove it and laid beside the character and comes to using it inside the game it means i can also animate him pulling the sort out if i wanted to just using the brush tool and then the paint bucket tool using the selection tool to close any gifts this moving to just move out the line works for the selection tool to just I just any papers that i want the highlights and shadows like shadow just to make it more contrast and as you can see i can move to salt around freely now can come out in and out if I wanted to now you turn all your different body parts into symbols i just your rotation points the arms obviously the shoulders legs and legs the head the neck wherever you wanted objects to be rotating that’s where you put your rotation point and then you get all your body parts and you actually distribute them into layers and because the characters just going to be still standing and breathing right now all I need to three different key frames so you just move the body parts around the head slightly back the body make it slightly bigger arms up and down just to make it look like he’s leaving so there you go guys that’s in standing breathing blinking i hope you enjoyed it and thanks very much guys for watching and see you next time

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