How To Do Slow Motion In Adobe Premiere Without Twixtor

alright what’s up guys Dane Nelson here
bringing you another awesome tutorial today’s tutorial is going to be about
how you can slow down your footage in Premiere Pro without using any external
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alright guys so we have Premiere Pro opened and we have a short clip here that I shot for a film a while bacl alright so basically know this is the
clip in its normal state so let me just go ahead and play for you alright so
when you watch in its normal state it’s pretty normal nothing that special
about it here so this is how the clip would look played back at regular right so now if
we are going to go ahead and actually slow down with it right to slow down the
clip you would right click on it alright so you would right click on the clip you could go to
speed and duration and lets say we were slowing down the clip by 50%
alright now let me go ahead and play that for you alright so this is how the
clip looks when it’s slowed down by 50% now you should be noticing that it’s
really choppy and it just doesn’t seem very smooth this is because it was shot
at 24 frames per second now if you slow down 24 frames per second it’s going to
come off as choppy because we’re used to seeing 24 frames so I notice a lot of persons
tend to do this especially locally in Jamaica
I think what’s the issue that most persons don’t know that there is a
science behind slowing down footage that you should usually slow down higher
frame rates and not 24 frames but there but there is a
workaround for that. Now the workaround for that is when you slow down your footage if it is that the
footage is 24 frames you can actually go to time interpolation and select optical
flow when you select optical flow what optical flow basically does is for each frame it basically copies image and insert a duplicate frame of its own
they basically read the footage and drops in little sections in your footage
and then that would in turn increase the number of frames per second and as such
it gives you a smoother motion so let’s look at 24 frames per second slow down
50% with optical flow all right so you’re looking at this it’s a lot more
smooth you notice that it doesn’t look as choppy as before now to be honest is
not gonna give you the same look that the higher frame rate would but it’s a
lot smoother it is very passable and I mean once you’re not doing over 50% it
really gets the job done some scenes work better than others but this is
definitely a surefire way to slow down 24 frames per second footage alright guys
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