How to do Linux Session Recording | Putty screen capture | New Features Centos RHEL8 #cockpit #tlog

hey guys this is Somansh Arora and
today we’ll be discussing about a very good feature that is screen recording (Session recording) so
there are often times that we need to record our screen just to see what
happens or there are some organizations that needs screen recording feature so
that they can find out if there, anything happens wrong they can find out who did
it and how come things happen so it’s very easy to configure. I’ll just
tell you how to do it so the first two, there are two packages that we require
for this that is Tlog and cockpit session recording we will install these
two, so as soon as these two are installed so Tlog allows the recording
of sessions and cockpit session recording allows us to view it on our cockpit web
console, I’ll open my web console through my username and password so yeah so here
as soon as we have installed it we’ll see this tab here that named as
screen recording (Session Recording) and I did some recordings a few minutes back just to
test this video so I already have five videos here and to start configuration
configuration of this video will select the scope as ALL, so that it records all
the videos so now as soon as we will create a new window on our Putty session you’ll see that one more video recording
will start getting will start getting recorded you see that we also got an
message that the screen is getting recording so we’ll do some will done some commands
just to see how it goes also i’ll make some mistakes and also type
in and remove something so that we see it well on the recording okay I guess
that would be enough we’ll do an exit that’s it
see now we have sixth video here that is of 23 seconds so if we go to recordings
we can see we can sort it by user, start time, end time and also with the duration also we can have filter out all the
recordings with time and we can search it also there are few configurations
that can be done via the configuration button so let’s go to the
video or the screen recording see I just hit a play and you’ll be able to see
what I did while on that session. Even it will take the same pauses as we took. I guess you’ll be able to hear it. Ohh sorry
you’re able to view , I’ll just zoom it a little bit so that you can see it
well yes see that’s that’s very good tool add that’s why I wanted to make a video
to show you all. That’s it. Also we can do the same we can if you don’t have a
cockpit install in your organization or wherever you’re running a RHEL 8 or the
latest cockpit. yYou can also view the recording via CLI it’s very easy let’s see
which one we want to run okay so journalctl -o verbose recording so
these are all the recordings that my system has we want to see the latest one
that is a a2df4 now we’ll do it tlog play -r journal
-M tlog underscore RECi s equal to recording ID and it’s this one and I’ll
press an enter so I’m not typing anything now it will play everything
that we did on our last session so it’s just like a video that what has happened
in that recording and it will just repeat itself how it’s not actually
doing the same things so if you ran a remove command you won’t be removing
everything again while running a recording and it’ll exit see now now it’s
now it’s me typing yeah so that’s that’s how you can configure session recordings
and just remember you need to have Tlog and session sorry
cockpit session recording packages and you’re good to go
thank you very much for watching this video you can always subscribe to us on
youtube for more videos thank you very much bye bye

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