How to Do a Hanging Indent on Google Docs [Bibliography APA Format]

in this video I will show you two
methods of how to do a hanging indent on Google Docs so the first thing is what
is a hanging indent a hanging indent is the indentation of second and subsequent
lines when there are some similar entries as you can see that this is a
bibliography in which I have listed some of my papers so the first line is flush
left with my page margin at the moment and second and subsequent lines of each
entry they are indented so this is called hanging indent so what is the
purpose of hanging indent the purpose is to visually separate the similar entries
and where we use hanging indent we use it in bibliographies references
dictionary entries or footnotes or any lists where you want to indent like this
now why we should bother about hanging indent this is because there are some
associations some organizations which tell us how to put our references in our
documents and they enforce this hanging indent of 0.5 and organizations such as
APA American Psychological Association or CMS Chicago man were styled so
hanging indent is a requirement by APA and CMS now let’s see how we can do this
in Google Docs so I just undo this there are two ways to do hanging indent now
the first method is by using this ruler and if you don’t see this ruler just
click on View and then make sure that this show ruler is ticked the second
important thing is that you must enter only at the end of entry you cannot
enter in between otherwise the result will not be as desired the first step is
to select all the text so we drag this and we move it to 0.5
all the text will be moved and now we want this rectangle back to our page
margin so we just do it like this so this is one way of doing the hanging
indent you put this rectangle actual page margin and this
little triangle 0.5 inches which is the requirement on the right-hand side of
this if your conference or your journal has a different requirement of hanging
indent you can move this little triangle further right or left whatever is your
requirement so this was method number one now let’s undo this and now the
second method is you select the text you click on format and then align an indent
indentation options and this is whatever you want currently at 0 and in the
special indent area you select hanging and press apply and it will apply the
hanging indent to your document you


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