How to Design a simple Cartoon Scene using Adobe Premiere Pro

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our tutorial first let us create our sky new color matte let us call this sky go to
effects ramp this is to make gradient blue color the first color will be blue and the
second will be white I think we need to have lighter blue
color now let us make our grass layer new color mat let us call this grass add
it to our timeline go to effects ramp this is to make gradient green color we’ll use dark green and light green I think it is better if I switch between
the two colors let us add some scatter effect use the pen tool and start
drawing your mask which will make our grass start this by adding one point
click and drag to create your second point and begin curving your line again
click and drag to curve your line I will speed up so you do not keep waiting select and add some feather now let us
create our path again new color matte let us call this path you can always
double click your color matte and change the color reduce the opacity amount to
see what is underneath again use the pen tool and start drawing your mask which
will make our path it’s always better to zoom in for accurate drawing start this
by adding one point note that when you click and drag you create curved line again we’ll speed this up let us now
create our clouds again use pen tool to draw your mask select the cloud layer pulled out and
drag to duplicate the cloud layer we will make some clouds bigger than the
others now let’s make new color mat to draw our windmill let us reduce the
opacity to see what’s underneath zoom in and use the pen tool and start drawing now let’s make unfilled circle and this
will be our spindle go to effects circle add it to our circle layer to unfill our
circle let’s choose edge radius as you can see you can change the radius amount
and the edge radius let us change its color make sure to Center it on the top
of our windmill now let us draw wings let us add small-arm to our wings now highlight the blade end the arm and
nest them together change the wing position and let it touch the spindle perfect now it out and drag to duplicate
our wings let us change position and position it against our first wing I will repeat this process four times till
I get four wings now let’s nest them together in one
layer and maybe we need to make our wings look
smaller zoom in to accurately attach the wings to the spindle now it is time to
rotate our windmill as you see when I try to rotate it it does not rotate
around the axis so what we need to do is to move this nice anchor point and put
it on our spindle always zoom in for accurate result yes that’s it now let’s
add two keyframes for rotation let us make our Sun new color Matt go to
effects add circle effect change color and that’s it if you like this smile hit like button
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