1. Safari on my iPad says it’s Documents and Data is over 600 mb, and gives me no option to delete it. I can only clear the cache and history. The Safari app is not that size, so how is the data so large? I don’t understand…

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  3. I have over 14GB of documents and data according to iTunes. According to my phone 6.3GB is from music, but iTunes says 5.88GB is audio and my phone says 6.3GB. iTunes says I have 14.3GB free and my phone says I have 13.4GB free.

    On my PC my music is stored at 5.87GB. I've never bought music off apple music always synced it with the music on my computer that is in the iTunes library. It's always deleted music off my phone itself if it's not in my iTunes library. So is my music being stored twice on my phone or something?

  4. my videostar (editing app) is only 147.3 mb but the data is taking up 15.33 gb even though i have no videos stored in there. i’ve only bought 5 small things on the app and i’m trying to remove storage, anyone know how to help?

  5. im so mad like im gunna cry:( so i have 256 gb but the “other” thing occupies 170 gb and i dunno what to do or what to delete:((( anyone help???

  6. Help! It does not work because when I did 8 Gigabyte are still in ny documents and data in my safari! Help please I am begging! How do you delete your downloads in safari ios12 where do you find it because I download 1080p twice and that made my safari have large gigabyte please help

  7. how to delete documents and data on safari? iphone cant delete those only offline reading list i have 5GB safari taking up more space

  8. In my case i uninstall the app but when I check it because I want to reinstall it and I can’t because it’s in my phone but I didnt see it in my home screen but it’s in my setting

  9. HELP ME !
    If I delete the Documents & Data from my Iphone AT INSTAGRAM, I will lose all the conversations from Instagram ?? Please help me

  10. I have 102 GB of Documents & Data in Safari on my iPad and nothing helped deleting it. It sucks big time. I’ll have to do a factory reset and lose everything.

  11. Like this comment if it worked! 🔽

    Guys this should be a huge help, just figured this out so I've come back to this 3 months later after already having resorted to Google Photos to free SOME space as none of these tips worked to clear other. I've seen this trick literally nowhere in terms of a video or anywhere online as a helpful suggestion. It's pretty much the only real fix!

    Try resetting "usage statistics" in your mobile data or "cellular" data under settings. Mine hadn't been reset since 2015, before I did this my "other" was at 22GB & after a phone reset it quickly reduced to Zero KB & stayed at that. No calculations 😊

  12. For the McDonald’s app, u can only log in to 3 accounts, after that it says “you have reached the maximum number of accounts, please log in with one that’s already been logged in with”. I did all the methods u said and non of them worked, I still can’t log in with my new account that I made, any suggestions on how to clear the data?

  13. So to manage storage with apple, you have to delete the app and reinstall. iPhone/pad are just $1,000 pieces of throw away garbage now. They just want you to buy a new device before you end up with these storage issues.

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