How to Create An Infographic With Adobe Spark Post

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to information in this video, in the description below so you can check it out at any time. So as I mentioned at the beginning, I’m gonna show you how you can create some really cool looking infographics using Adobe Spark Post. But before we start,
what is an infographic? Basically infographic is a
combination of two words, information and graphic, combining it to give you infographic. Basically give you a
representation of information with pictures or icons or images. So I’m gonna show you how to do that. We’re gonna jump into Adobe Spark Post, I’m gonna be using my computer here, and you’ll be able to watch along. So, let’s go ahead and jump right in. So I went ahead and
went to and launched my projects dashboard here. This is where you’re seeing all the different projects
I have and folders. So I’m gonna go ahead and head on over to the infographics
folder that I made here. So you can see I’ve got several
infographics already made. Let me kind of show you a few here. This one is a lab safety, kind of rules, just put it together. All those right there are icons. I’m gonna show you where
I’m gonna to grab them from and just quickly put this
little poster together to kind of create lab safety rules. So I, going off of memory
from like sixth grade science. So that’s many years ago. And here’s another example. This one I put together
Kind of to demonstrate something that you can create. If you have like a business
and you wanna promote on social media, you can create
kind of little infographics to tell what you do and
maybe give like a price point like right here, portrait
session for some photographer that wants to kind of create this and share it on social media. This right here is a icon of a camera. I’ll show you where you can grab those and all this other
stuff is basically text. Just gonna lay it on here to create a little promo infographic. So now I’m gonna open up one
that I created ahead of time to kind of get a head
start on this video here. This one is called top grossing movies. So I went through and
did a little research. Now these stats are from 2019. So I couldn’t find the 2020,
I don’t know, I just couldn’t. And these are like the top
grossing movies and actually, not movies, but top grossing
movie franchises of all time. So as you can see up there at the top, I’ve got some text. I’m gonna go ahead and fix
that, double click that. Top grossing… franchises Franchise movies, franchise
movies of all time. And there’s some text, I’m
gonna grab that and adjust it. Move this one over, that little camera icon
there as you can see. So I have Marvel Cinematic
Universe, Star Wars, going all the way down James
Bond, X-Men, Harry Potter, DC and then Spider-Man. So these are all the top
grossing movies of all time. Top grossing franchise movies of all time and I do have the stats over here. So what I’m gonna do to
represent the amount of money is I’m gonna use little money
bags to represent the money. So what I’m going to do now
is tap on the ad button there and choose icon and I’m
going to type in money and see what I get. I’ve got dollar bills or
stacks and I’ve got bags. So I’m going to be using this bag icon to represent the money and it is green. Let’s go ahead and change that to black. Make it a little bit smaller here, drag it up here to the top and let me duplicate that first here. Get that out of the way,
just so I can adjust that, make a little bit smaller,
and then I’m going to tap on the plus sign again
and choose to add text. So this money bag is going
to represent $1 billion. Little movie reference there. $1 billion, so each bag
will represent $1 billion. So there we go. So I’ll continue working
on my infographic here. Let’s make some adjustments there and so let’s go ahead and
just for kind of the sake of demonstrating here,
I’m gonna tap on duplicate and let’s get those two next to each other and here’s a trick. Hold the shift button. Then you have to have them
selected, tap on duplicate again and now let’s get those together and shift button, hold it down
and a cool thing over here on the right is you can center them. Now they’re all kind of
centered, duplicate once more, and kind of repeat the process. So now let’s select all those
there and center them again. So I can continue that and
adding until I get to the number. So if you’re curious, the
Marvel Cinematic Universe as of 2019, so 2020, we’re in 2020. Obviously, this probably changed, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as a franchise, $18 billion. Wow, it’s a lot of money. So I’m gonna continue working on this and I’ll make 18 bags to
represent the $18 billion that Marvel has made and
go through it and add it for each of the other ones. So I had some time to
finish up the infographic. So this is what the
final product looks like. And that’s how easy it is to create some stunning looking infographics
using Adobe Spark Post on your computer or you can
use it on your phone as well. If you have a comment or a
question about the video, please let me know by adding it in the comments section below. Thanks so much for watching this video. Don’t forget, hit that like button. Subscribe if you haven’t done so. Don’t forget to click on the bell to be notified for future videos and keep on creating
amazing things, everyone and as always, be good to one another. Peace, I’m out.

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