How to Code in Scala

Do you know how to code in Scala? It isn’t that much different from Java, except
a lot less verbose. I know they both use the Java Virtual Machine
to turn the code into native applications, or something like that. The Java Virtual Machine is so good that several
languages use it. But JVM only compiles or interprets code.
How do you program in Scala? You can code in Scala the same way you code
in Java, or any other object oriented programming language. Scala is a functional object language or some
other weird hybrid. Scala is unusual in that you can do functional
programming with it or object oriented programming in it. But as an object oriented language,
you can do everything with it you can like Java. Java has massive code libraries. Scala not only uses JVM, but it is interoperable
with Java code. You can replace a Java code module with Scala and leave the rest of the
Java alone, and the whole thing will run. Assuming you’ve got the variables right. You could also write a program in Scala and
invoke Java from it, or mix and match modules to get the program you want. The primary advantage of that is that Java
has code modules for just about everything already. Scala does better on numeric and scientific
computing. And Scala has a lot of functions for that, which is one of its advantages of
Scala over Java. What about functional programming in Scala?
How do you do that? It is similar in concept to programming in
Haskell or Fortran. Use good functional programming methods, and the Scala code should work. Except Scala can run on a multi-core processor,
and Fortran won’t. It does better than Java in that regard, too. That’s probably why I was told to learn Scala
over Java.

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