How To Become A Data Scientist In India (in 2020)

Hi everyone! Welcome to another 365 Data Science
Special! In this video, we’ll shed light on the data
science career opportunities in India. More specifically, we’ll talk about how you can
become a data scientist in India. We’ll take a look at the latest research to help
you assess your chances of landing a data scientist job. Then, we’ll focus on the
education and qualifications you need to become a data scientist eligible for the job at any
company. To top things off, we’ll point you in the right direction in terms of where
to look for data scientist job openings in India and we’ll share some extra tips that
will help you stand out from the crowd. But before we get started… We’d like to
mention something else we’ve put together! – a very comprehensive data science training.
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If you’d like to explore this further or enroll using a 20% discount, there’s a link
in the description you can check out. Alright! Back to the data scientist job and
its outlook in India. What do the numbers say?
A recent report by The Hindu states that there are an estimated 97,000 data analytics job
openings in India (Bengaluru accounts for 24% of these job openings, while Delhi/NCR
for 22%). Since the data science field is progressing
at an extremely fast rate, the huge demand for data science talent, especially in the
Technology/IT and Industrial domain, can hardly catch up with the supply of skilled data scientists.
That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that a significant part of the data scientists
in India (more than 40%) have received a ‘data scientist’ job title within the last 24
months. So, becoming a data scientist in India seems
like a truly golden opportunity. Let’s see what that means in terms of salaries!
According to, “data scientist” is the highest paying job in India. To be
more precise, the average data scientist salary listed on Glassdoor is above 1,000,000 rupees
per year and it could go up to 2,000,000 rupees for more experienced candidates.
Of course, corporations based in large cities like Mumbai and Bangalore offer higher salaries.
But keep in mind that this may soon change. Many international companies prefer to open
an office in Hyderabad, as it’s much more affordable. No wonder giants like Facebook,
Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and P&G already call Hyderabad their home. And that translates
into even more career opportunities for data scientists in India.
Now that you know for sure that “data scientist” is a rising career in India, it’s time to
see what it takes to become one! Well, the education and skills required for
data scientists are, to a large extent, universal, no matter which country you live in. However,
to paint the most accurate picture possible, we decided to dig deep into the numbers. And
guess what – we discovered some pretty interesting details about the typical data scientist in
India. So, what education do you need to become a
data scientist in India? According to our research, 50% of data scientists
in India have a Master’s degree; 34% – a Bachelor’s degree; and a small 6% hold a
Ph.D. Now, regarding academic background: a degree
in computer studies, economics, finance, business studies, statistics, and mathematics is certainly
considered an advantage. However, more and more employers are willing to weave such requirements
in favor of relevant skills and real-world experience.
The typical data scientist in India also speaks 2.3 languages, has taken at least 1 online
course, and has posted 4 certificates on average on LinkedIn. This goes to prove the increasing
importance of online data science trainings not only when it comes to learning the fundamentals,
but also for acquiring the latest in-demand skills.
What else? 79% of data scientists in India are male. This shouldn’t discourage you,
ladies, as recent data indicate that women are becoming a competitive force in the data
science field. Our research also shows that data scientists
in India generally have 7 or more years of working experience. However, there are plenty
of data science job opportunities for skilful beginners in the field (and you can find out
more about these in the super-detailed and comprehensive 365 Data Science Career Guide;
the link’s in the description). That said, what are the skills you should
have as a data scientist in India? The must-have skillset for a data scientist
includes: proficiency in Excel, good practical knowledge of statistics and mathematics, confidence
in working with visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau, and, of course – experience
in scripting languages, such as SQL, Python, and R.
Speaking of languages, data scientists in India use more programming languages as compared
to other countries, such as Python, R, SAS, and others. And while Python holds the lead
in popularity in the US and Europe, in India it shares the winner’s place with R.
But how do you acquire all of these if you’re starting from scratch? Well, luckily, today
there are many options to learn data science. For example, you can start a qualification
program or study with private tutors. However, if going back to school is not on your agenda,
an online certificate program can be the best way to begin your professional journey.
And that brings us to the million-dollar question – where to look for a data scientist job In
India? The reality is, it’s hard to do data science
for Indian companies since few of them are sophisticated enough and have sufficient data
for a thorough analysis. So, of course, the most obvious choice for
an aspiring data scientist in India would be the large US and globally recognized companies
in the sector. Here’s a shortlist of the biggest players and the locations they’re
hiring at: Amazon and Oracle have job openings in Bangalore
and Hyderabad; Walmart and IBM – in Bangalore;
and P&G are hiring in their office in Hyderabad; Now, as promised, before we say goodbye, here
are a few tips that will help you stay ahead of the competition:
if you are a college student or fresher, try to get a data science internship, even if
it’s unpaid. Your goal should be to get industry experience that you will later apply
in your permanent data science job; • create a good GitHub repository and upload
our own data science related projects and work there. Also, put your GitHub link in
your LinkedIn profile. It is a good way to showcase your work to prospective employers;
• participate in online data science competitions. This will help you validate your learning
and also get some noticed by employers if is a sponsored competition;
• attend local Data Science meetups that are taking place regularly in big cities like
Bangalore, Pune, Delhi NCR and try to network with the people. This can truly help you create
more opportunities for yourself. Alright! We hope we were able to give you
some good insights into how to become a data scientist in India.
Thanks for watching and best of luck in your data science career!
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  2. Great and very useful video. The courses are great as well. I highly recommend giving them a try. They offer a certificate after the completion of every course.

  3. Good Video .. but a little misguiding. At least wrt India. You don't need to know Excel, R AND Python AND Tableau AND this AND that … you need to learn one tool, understand the statistics and you are good.

    * for example .. if you are applying for an analytics job which requires solid skills in excel.. you would need to know how to perform data analysis using excel and understand the statistics and maybe learn advance visualisation using excel …

    * or if you are an analyst in the Big Data Space: You might need to know SQL and how to work with hive or impala to query large data sets

    * if you are a data scientist going to join a team with a python stack .. your python skills would be tested.

    So learn one tool, get a few years of experience and then switch to a data science role.

    Python fan here 😀 So I wouldn't advocate R 😀 Please note that this is true for your first data science job, once you start working as a data scientist you will have to upskill according to the tech stack used by the team.

  4. This cleared many confusion of mine. Thanks for putting all these info in the simplest way possible. 😊

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