1. This stuff is history in the making! I'm almost tempted to buy one; will wait till the price drops a bit from 1k

  2. Very impressive results for RISC-V. A board that's capable of running an OS with a graphical desktop environment is an amazing achievement. I hope SiFive manages to get the price down soon so that it becomes competitive!

  3. Since there is still no RISC-V GNU/Linux capable boards with not insane price (1000$ cpu board + 2000$ FPGA board for GPU), what is the cheapest FPGA board, where you can map RISC-V cpu and run full Debian or Fedora?

  4. Combine a full-blown RISC-V core, that can run an operating system, and eight RISC-V cores with large vector units and you get a modern Cell-like processor!

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