Halo: The Lost Wolves | EP.0 | Halo Reach Animated Fan Series

contact with busy grant relay was lost
last night all signals flatline to 2,600 hours. Sir why would the Rebels want to cut off Reach from the rest off the colonies? I’m sorry Why would you be? government are on reach knowledge them
here number one it’s the winter contingency point force it’s an invading
on no need myself included who believe the Covenant dispatch elite advance
teams to hunt down artifacts of value to their religion Priority One you don’t have to find out on your own take it lieutenant
she has made her choice Emma Oh this this doesn’t make any sense
they should Jenna team it’s team leader Sam do you
copy anyone aboard the UNSC Polaris does
anyone read Glenn what’s your location hang tight making my way there now
something about this isn’t right there’s no plasma anywhere no covenant
no signs of external damage. The Covies are skipping this site like they’ve
already been here the Covenant didn’t crash bellarius I can’t wrap my head
around that now first priority fine jet accompany Glenn I’m in the hangar where
are you I’m here Glenn Glenn Sam over here bitch your vitals you’ve lost a lot of blood
lay back remember let’s get some med bay there will be something there some SAP
what happens I I don’t know I can’t remember not important right now
we need to get you patched up find the rest of Jetta my radar no look again that’s not a friendly I’m out do you have a gun just get out
of here Sam like hell I will this is going to have to do Oh you want him you gotta kill me first I never realized how stupid you guys
sound have that back you’re pissed start show
yeah well I’m pissed too oh alright I got places to be come on
right here Glen shit
good come on let’s get you fixed up Lord the planet has been cleansed of its
film where would you have me go next let us still appeared working I see dig him
out and finish the job this one is not to be underestimated
when your kid it will be done he carries an item a blue case bring it back
unharmed you


  1. This is fuckin good you gotta continue the only thing I would change is make it a bit longer 7 min was a bit short for a episode I hope the rest are longer good job tho a halo masterpiece

  2. You guys are really criticizing a spartan talking? This is a spartan 3 remember. No one recalls Emile being talkative as well. This was well made. The motion capture could’ve been slightly better but overall great

  3. No offense you put in good effort but I feel like the covenant head movement looks goofy, you should observe what sangheili look like talking from cutscenes in halo 2a

  4. Thats a brute at the end right and if so is it just me or does they way he talk remind you of ripa from halo wars and how he kinda talked it may just be me but that what came to mind first

  5. I wish halo machinimas were still a big thing with people man they were cool and so story driven to make man. This was awesome it’s something I needed for sure man and I loved it too Sam is being the talkative spartan that’s for sure

  6. Also please make it where noble six wears a different helmet and make it where he is the leader or something that’ll be just insanely cool but don’t make him invincible of course he’s doomed to die soon

  7. Absolutely badass, man. Only critique of give is maybe slow the animation for the Elites and the brutes down. They were very jerky and fast in their movements. Other than that, I'd say it's beautiful.

  8. Even for it's length, this was really good and voice acting was very good. Very high quality. Sam seemed more Spartan IV than II or IIIs. Only criticism.

  9. I feel like some of these scenes were taken from Small Soldiers or Toystory especially with how the Spartan was running to lift up the debris lmao

  10. Got hooked on the first seconds of it. If you want feed back, concider rendering the background and items to have a more pleasant look for the picture. Some elements feels to sharpe. Don't know if you could polish them of with more time. And add something for the voices of the brutes and elites. Don't know either if you can do it, but add an audio effect to make them sound more "dog like", more than the actors tried to.
    Appart from it, that fight scene was really dope ! Hope to see more of it in the futur !

  11. Very well done fan animation! I'm really looking forward to seeing your future episodes.

    The only things that I would recommend changing is sounds. While watching the video the music was too loud for me to hear the action and speaking of the main characters. Perhaps making it more as a background noise type deal will help that.

    My other recommendation is in agreement with Dylon Bronson's idea of changing the Elit's voice. It sounded a bit too human like and high pitched compared to the other times we've seen them. Making either their voices, or the brutes a bit more deep and gravely would probably help and would greatly show off a contrast like in their other iterations.

    Still though absolutely amazing video and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

  12. Bro, even though I can't join the Navy to be a Navy Seal or any Branch. I won't let that stop me from being a soldier, BUT I won't be fighting for America. Fuck America! I'll be fighting for my own cause…the human race!

  13. stuff were colliding with each other abit but I thought this was soo good nobody really has made an animation based on reach getting glassed.keep up the masterpiece.

  14. Can you send me the audio files of the covenant voices? I can make them sound just like how they should sound in the game. Just want to help out. Great job!

  15. yep im sold rise of the Spartans and now this maybe 2020 will be good but that noble six teasers hmm i hope his big dead if they find him no need to go looking in caves

  16. This is really good! I'm really happy to see someone taking the time to expand upon the setting that I love so dearly. I'll be subscribing and watching to see what follows!

  17. Dunno what the budget is for this, but the animations were a little studdery and/or too fast. Either way this looks great for a fan series.

  18. Other than wonkey animation at times and the covenant voices sounding rushed this was fantastic, I always wanted to see something like this and I can't wait to see where it goes

  19. I would say pull a RvB and make it sound like the spartans are actually talking through thier helmets more

  20. I really don't know if the reason the camera shakes alot is because of sfm but it shaking so much makes it look fan made when I watch this I want to mistake it as a ligit Microsoft production but that's just me

  21. Well, I would say that I found this to be pretty great. I'm definitely looking forward to the next episodes.

    A couple things that I think could be improved on was Sam's personality. With the way he acts and talks, he seems more like an ODST than a Spartan. But maybe that's what you're going for.

    Another thing is that it all seems a little fast. Animations, 'scenes between the scenes', dialogue… I think if it was all just a little slower, it would've been better

  22. I feel like the Spartans seem to act to much like an ordinary marine . But the animation is awesome tho !! You inspired me so much to want to even write and create my own animation on halo maybe in the future !!! Keep it up bro 👍👍👍

  23. Wait till the covenant realizes noble six doesnt have that case anymore. (Assuming this takes place after the campaign)

  24. My dude, if bungie and 343 gave you permission in some way to bring back noble 6 and still be alive in the halo universe, I am going to flip out of joy for this because noble 6 is such an important piece to this game and man I would just love to have him back in infinite

  25. I thought this was great, aside the previous comments on voice acting. I didn’t see/ mind too much of the “comical” factor everyone’s talking about. The running did look kinda funny. But this is honestly pretty good to me and I’m looking forward to the next one

  26. This is what i want more of! the animation is top notch, if someone told me this was an ingame cutscene i would believe it. i enjoy this a lot, also i would love to see our favorite hyper lethal vector be featured in this story and be a main character if possible…. I also loved sam the sword wielding spartan!

  27. This is extremely well made and produced. The animations are very well done. The atmosphere is amazing and the voice work is of high quality.
    I find it upsetting that people could even criticise this when it is fan made, fan funded and minimal staff. I think people forget how long the credits roll in cinemas and this isn't far off being exceptionally well made. This deserves all the praise I hope it gets. Peace.

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