Google Ranked Us With The Greatest Composers of All Time?!

Hello. *chuckles* How’s it going? Welcome back to another episode of TwoSet Violin. Ling Ling 40 hours! – Whoa!!!!
– Pa-cha!!!! What episode are we on? I don’t know. Dank memes, and funny times! Ling Ling 40 hours is a place, where talented individuals, Ling Ling wannabes gather to share dank memes, and talented stuff. Let’s see what kind of stuff you guys have posted this time around. Come and get cultured! – No way!
– Whoa!!! No way! That’s legit! – Dude, that is…
– Is that…it looks edited, can we look it up? – I totally don’t think we deserve to be up on this list.
– Yeah, I know, I don’t think… *chuckles* We are there! Oh my God. Look it’s us… Wow! Thank you so much. I feel so honoured but I don’t know if we deserve it. I think Google— According to Google, we’ve made history. – Google, thank you very much.
– But thank you you guys for watching actually. This wouldn’t have been possible without all of you guys. Yeah, we need Ling Ling to be on this list. – That’s right guys, that’s like a taboo question.
– Yeah…! Oh, another one! Wow! Classical pianists hate this ad. Ohh, that’s so funny…! It’s funny because we actually just made a video of us reviewing these apps. It’ll be interesting to see if they still… – …advertise in front of our videos.
– I know. – Ohh.
– *chuckles* I hate…I hate… – Is that Windows PC? Yeah it is.
– Yeah…I really… – I hate how long those updates take.
– I know. – “Several minutes.” *snickers*
– Yeah. Come on, set it some expectations. But that’s also true, sight-reading. Actually not even change of keys, the amount of times I’ve started sight-reading, – in the wrong key.
– I know, I know. I remember I was in youth orchestra once, and I had a solo, because I was sitting in front desk. It was D minor. – But I started playing, sight-reading in D major.
– Oh! And the whole orchestra laughed at me, and I was like… Piccolos create black holes… Can you imagine all the piccolists… …in the world united… And they just stack up the sound on each other like… Edin-BRUH? That’s awesome! What do you play? Oh, snare drum. Nice. Good job. Where’s the merch? – I’m running out of jokes, but…
– I know. Alright, here’s the deal guys. As the subreddit gets more and more talented, – we become less and less funny.
– I know guys. Maybe you guys don’t need us anymore. One day you guys will just take over us, and TwoSet will actually just become the Ling Ling wannabes. Yeah, you guys are actually just TwoSet. What is that… ?! – Geez that. B major…C sharp…
– C sharp…major? Why wouldn’t you just write it in D flat major? – Oh my god.
– C sharp major… That is so annoying! Basically the same enharmonic. You’re just making it harder for our eyes. But then, they’ll be like, “No, no, no!” – “C sharp has a different vibe to D flat.”
– For the…feeling, yes. – “It’s a sharp…brilliance.”
– I know. *laughs* That’s so good! Ohh, wow…! *laughs* Can you just imagine this person like, – making this meme up, for Reddit?
– Yeah. – He’s like, “I probably should be practising.”
– I know. “I’ll make this meme instead.” – On Reddit!
– *chuckles* Ohh. Not entirely accurate, because you may be practicing performance. Yes. Little lesson time here! There are many different types of ways to practice, you can practice… – …technique—
– With the Simply—Simply Violin app. You can practice scales or technique, you can practice repertoire, and you can practice performing, and you can also practice… – …ensemble playing.
– Ohh. They’re all very different. You can do mental practice, you can, you can read the score and analyze, – that is also practice.
– Yes. – Many different types of practice.
– *sigh* Anyway. I don’t know why I’m talking like this. *snickers* That’s a cute little book. Guys, I am trying. – I don’t—
– I think you should stay that way. If anything, I think I know too much pop music. *stuttering* …Mozart. “Theophilus” sounds like a… …germ. *snickers* – “Doctor, I feel unwell.”
– *snickering* – “You’ve been uh, diagnosed with Theophilus Mozart.”
– Yeah. But how did I get that? I’ve been using this app! *chuckles* What does Wolgangus mean? – Gang—that also sounds like a disease.
– Yeah! *snickers* – Sounds like a germ.
– Wolfgangus. “What have you got?” “I’ve got a Wolfgangus.” *laughs* – Yeah, into Harvard or Stanford or Julliard.
– Yeah. I wonder what application that is from though, that’s such a weird question to ask. – Wow!
– That’s amazing. You can do that? Just get you to practice all day. Looks legit! I’m sorry. Damn, I like the ripped jeans! And my violin is on the piano— The table, there. Oh, it’s got the curtains! – Oh, wow!
– The white table. Wow! The chair. Whoa! – That’s actually our filming studio.
– Mm-hmm. Wow, who did this? Nice one. Mate, I’ve already made this clear. Sibelius drop… – Sibelius 3rd movement is more difficult.
– Yeah. But… Well, we can discuss it after two mil drop. – We will discuss it.
– Yes. What is that? *sings* Oh. – Grieg. Hall of the Mountain King.
– *sings “Mary Have a Little Lamb” very fast* What if you put it to Tchaikovsky? *sings* *snickers* – Nah it doesn’t…
– That doesn’t work. Guys it was hard. Application, electric—electronic… – Appliances…charades.
– …appliances. *sigh* Really? Oh! Actually? – *chuckles* This is from the Joker movie.
– Yeah. So funny. I remember. – *laughs*
– What was it— I haven’t seen it, what was the context? Oh, he was just running away, and… He just got… – He just got smashed.
– Yeah, he got smashed. *laughs* I will say though, like sometimes when you’re nervous, it does feel like getting hit…by a truck. – It does, ’cause you…you’re like paralyzed, almost.
– On stage. Yeah… You’re like, “Whoa.” – It’s the worst feeling.
– I know. Aww. So cute. Is just me, or are all dogs that look ugly, are cuter? Pitbull, pugs, right… They look like they just don’t care. – Yeah.
– They just don’t know, don’t care. Yeah. (both) Wow! That’s small. And like one year later, it’s like: -” I saw your mother posted a meme,
– *laughs* on r/lingling40hrs.” “And then so I posted my little clarinet, and then we fell in love.” Ling Ling 40 hours. Where talented people come together, and… …make talented people. If you could actually play that, which I don’t know if it’s possible, I can totally see that being like, on America’s Got Talent. Oh, yeah. – You play a big instrument, they’re like…
– Yeah. *yawns* And then like puts it away, – plays the small one, everyone’s like…
– “Wow!!!!!” – Ooh.
– That’s rough. Ooh, that’s right. Oh, wait. *chuckles* – That’s really funny.
– It’s like… – *chuckles*
– …rewind, like, – “I’m pretty sure this is A B C D.”
– Yeah, that’s what I’m….. – Oh, I’m sorry, colleges.
– It’s alright, it’s been a long day. *chuckles* “I was touring colleges and I found this beauty.” *snickers* Wait, what? That is interesting! They’re using our photos for an ad. Yeah, that’s cool. We catch you guys off guard, not even on video format, at your… …colleges. *chuckles* So tired. Anyway guys, thank you so much for watching. Please like and subscribe! Ling Ling 40 Hours! Whoa!!! Let’s get us to 100,000 r/lingling40hrs subscribers!


  1. “Interesting to see if they’re advertised in front of our videos.”
    Yes, yes they are 👉 😆😆

    Edit: another one popped up lmao 😂

  2. Lol I downloaded the tralala app as a grade 6 violin player and it to me infinite yer to get to the add because you have to pay to play

  3. I hadn't practiced but I had my violin with me because I was supposed to bring it to my orchestra class but then a student asked me on the spot to play and I really didnt want to but I did because she seemed to want me to. Worst sound I've ever made.

  4. My orchestra played Lucio Silla a few years ago and to be completely honest, I forgot it even exsisted until now😳😳😳😳

  5. "Ling Ling 40 hours where talented people come together and make talented people"

    Geniuses are born, not created.

  6. ok i hate that i have to say this but from 0:12–0:15…. their words and actions and brett's weird giggling indicates they just made out, which i hate saying because i don't ship these two. just thought i should say that.

  7. Me: a musician for over 15 years
    Also me: Wait… hang on… that’s right why WOULDNT YOU write a piece in Db Major instead of C Sharp Minor…


    Do all classical musicians know this? Should I be ashamed for not realizing it sooner? 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. Y’all ever realize how 𝓐𝓶𝓪𝔃𝓲𝓷𝓰 Brett and Eddy’s editor is. Like , wtf that is Ⓞⓤⓣⓢⓣⓐⓝⓓⓘⓝⓖ. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate them and their work. 💕💗💓

  9. I searched up classical musicians and they are still there also for some reason Brett is up there separately but eddy is not…. interesting google interesting…

  10. I did a search. Turns out only brett is a classical musician, and eddy isn't.
    shouldn't have done that DNA violin cover, eddy

  11. I just searched on Google and (on my phone at least) it doesn't say twoset violin anymore it just says Brett Yang. Sorry Eddie!

  12. Wolfgang = wolf + gang (path, journey)
    Theophilus = from the Greek Theos (God) and philos (friend), so basically friend of God (kinda like the latin amadeus= amo + deus, the beloved of god)

    Edit: also, I search google for classical musicians and I only found Brett.. where s Eddy??

  13. Fun fact about the backing track (Mozart 40 4th), it’s the same intervals as the beginning of Beethoven 5 3rd movement

  14. BRUH I want to see that list I tried searching but I can’t find

    Edit: maybe cause I’m using safari instead of google

  15. …Fun fact, it wasn't the violin, but the "mother" in How I Met Your Mother did play an instrument, the ukelele. Pretty nice version of La Vie En Rose.

  16. 4:59 Fun fact: Mozart's friends came up with the name "Amadeus" by translating his actual name "Theophilus", which means "beloved of God".
    (Also, now you see why the movie that name.)

  17. the amount of times i’ve tried to sight read in f then actually looked and it’s a sharp key just makes me sound like an idiot😂

  18. I have a copy of Everything I do(I do for you) sheet music…and its in c sharp major….i hate it….the moment i laid eyes on it I had a stroke

  19. The add for simplypiano popped up right before I watched the video you reviewed the app, talk about coicedence

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