1. It would be cool if you could leave a note on your smartphone that you are looking for a generic item—shoes on sale, or cheap Mexican food, or a new car—and set a radius ("30 miles from current location.") As you travel, whenever you get near a Google pin related to whatever item your note says you want to buy, your phone could alert you, show you the location, product, map with directions to the store, pricing, discounts, etc. It would be like turning your phone into a bloodhound that did auto-shopping for you. You could specify parameters: "Orange women's sneakers, size 6 wide, +/- $50".

  2. That was really interesting. I look forward to these changes rolling out here in South Africa soon. Good work.

  3. Clean presentation and very organized thinking about design + bids + measurement for mobile. Will this extend into in-app-ads as well? or just the search-ads on mobile?

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  5. From an Adwords perspective, apart from the (welcome) increase in characters to be used within ad text, the focus in the presentation was very much B2C targeting. So, although the numbers of potential B2C advertisers are very attractive to Google (so you can understand why there's that focus), it was disappointing to see no innovation to benefit those selling B2B. Reading between the lines it would appear that Google is concerned about the future ability of Facebook to target consumers via their own search functionality.

    On the analytics side of things, while 360 Suite will be attractive to those who can pay, it eliminates the majority of the market (small businesses). It wouldn't be surprising, over time, to see the 'free' Google Analytics start to reduce available functionality and therefore push users more towards 'paid analytics'. For businesses like ours that would be welcome because it shifts the mindset in B2B from "it's free so it doesn't matter if I use it" (which holds those businesses back in terms of what they can achieve) to "it costs a bit so I should use it", which is what we find with our own customers.

  6. A couple suggestions for Google AdWords:
    1. Block Google from invalid IP addresses.
    2. Increase the quantity of blocked IP addresses.
    3. Move customer support to US.

  7. Hello AdWords-Team! These changes sound very good! Although the majority of our customers do NOT come from mobile, I think that this step forward (after 15 years) is helpful for everyone. I have one important question: I've seen the Keynote live yesterday and most of the things seem to be rolled out for "360/enterprise – user" only (or "at first").

    Since we're a very small law firm, we can not invest 100 or even 150k+ $ into AdWords. So will these changes adapt for the "normal" user aswell (at the end of 2016/early 2017)?? I hope that Germany will be one of the first "foreigners" to test these features 🙂 #GoogleSummit

  8. I like these events and to see some roadmaps and future thinking, but they're also frustrating because timelines are so vague (when they announced visual reports two keynotes ago it took them well over a year to deliver them). It's clear that the mobile experience is now informing everything Google thinks about and does. They have massive data to support it.

    I like the upcoming AdWords redesign and I hope it truly gives us access to all the data we need, because the present interface is hugely flawed and inconsistent, particularly for Shopping and ecommerce. Loads of potential opportunity for improvement there. I'm not big on Display and remarketing so that one was "meh". The upcoming new text ad redesigns look very exciting and up to date, so I look forward to seeing those asap. Local inventory is something I've found fascinating for several years and that is very big on Google's roadmap – I just need a few clients with physical stores to take advantage of it 🙂 The updates to Analytics also look very exciting but seem to be initially limited to a paid beta for premium users.

    On bid management, tablets have been excluded from this for far too long, so it looks like meaningful manual adjustments are finally coming. However, there's an interesting subtext to this. I believe in as much bid automation as possible and have been using it for years, particularly CPA bidding which I know with sufficient conversion volume can work extremely well. I am now in a testing phase with ROAS bidding in flexible bid strategies so will update in due course.

    There's a whole hierarchy of bid management portfolios which I won't detail here. The crucial thing about them is that they are auction time based. According to InternetLiveStats there are over 50,000 Google searches a second. Every search is an ad auction. If you study what G says about flexible bidding then this is 50,000 bid adjustments every second across networks, locations, devices, times of day, day of week, keyword, match type, campaign delivery, ad rotation and every factor G can take account of, even including the weather.

    This renders every other bid management solution useless, and means we should always strive for sufficient conversion volume to take advantage of it. The fact that G is now introducing more manual bidding control just reiterates what we've known for years – that most people don't trust G to manage bids and prefer to either do it themselves or use a third party platform. Either way, they are losing out.

    More at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MakingAdwordsPay/

  9. Would have been great if more steps were announced to tackle invalid and accidental clicks – which all cost advertisers a fortune, which is the main reason why more marketing teams are scaling DOWN on their Google spend.

  10. Ugh, once again Google is interested in Enterprise.., as a Small Business advertiser I see absolutely no benefit for us.
    Maybe they at some point will even let me put a Full Business name in the Headline in AdWords.

  11. Thanks for the new features, keynotes, and posting the video. I work with these tools on a regular basis and am happy to see them getting updated with new features and capabilities.

    I know presentations are difficult, but if possible, try to get the keynote speakers to be more organic in their presentations. They come across as robotic.

  12. I always wonder…
    Google only care for big business nothing for small business
    Every time I call Adwords team for invalid clicks or anything
    They won't have any answer. They will go with some scripted BS
    I mean seriously Google.
    Just rename them Google Adwords for big b's

  13. Bigger ads ==> higher average visitor cost for sites who did their hard work over the years and have good organic results. Simply pushing us off the page. And oh boy, I'm really excited about a new analytics interface that starts at $150,000/year! Life for small to mid sized businesses just keeps getting more difficult. Pretty soon every local service we use in our daily lives will be owned and controlled by large corporations, What a world! 🙁

  14. I don't want to increase mobile I want to decrease tablets. Right now it is tied into Desktop. On my employment sites the tablet users don't convert and I lose money on them. I can't stop advertising though, because I need the desktop people. They are my entire business. I don't like feeling like I am being forced into something I don't need though.

  15. Great info for digital marketers and internet marking Guru's. Thanks a lot i learn more about Audience and Demographics advanced features

  16. bad google every time i phone them they all give. me different advice.it like no one know what they are doing.i have spent over £2000 to try and get right.they keep change stuff.so never know what work.after spending £2,000 at goole. no one is self employed. so they don't know that every time some clicks. it cost you money. i try to complain to customer service but no get back to you give feedback and sill no one get back to you. if have lots of money to wast on trying to get right because they don't care about you.all they like is to wast as much money as they can and give you bad info when you phone them up.it make me sad that a company as big as google not help the small businesses man it just about them making as much as can out of with mobile some one can tap 5 times on you ad because they know it will cost you £30 this can be a kids of 10 years old have fun with his phone they don't tell you about that do they it not about how much text you have it about do you get calls and and buyers to site in £2000 i had one sing up.so it looks like you need to spend £2,000 to get one call this bad for business for any one google did not ever call me say how it going do need help it so complexed i try ads express and that was bad too i try to to stop key words come up had nothing to do with my business but after to day they did show up again so was wasting me me more money when i call up they said go to ad words that cost me even more so any one out there make sure know what your doing or you lose lots of money because customer service don't what they are doing.

  17. i just found in my goole ad account that the key word adrenal fatigue is for £11 for one click the goole guy said that google do not do ad rate when there was no ads showing so this show that google dose put the bid up to make more from advertises so this why i will not not use google ad. any more. been rip off buy goole ad word team to much now i feel let down one call me today to get ad more when they know it no work at all for me in 5 moths i had one call and i did you you tube ads to i go 2000 views and i got not calls or emails so don't work too so any one out don't put your money in to you tube and get rip off like i did and given bad info from the google team just don't do it

  18. excellent stuff. Can anyone point me in the direction for a deep dive on Adwords <-> Beacons information please?

  19. Presentations like the proves the people at the top of Google are all engineers and only relate to humans in terms of statistics. Watching this is frustrating -It's like putting needles in my eyes

  20. I got bored,and started skipping every few minutes, so whats actually being offered, a better interface would be great, someone commented below something about £150,000?! is it being improved for free as its way too complex and not intuitive.

  21. Hope to see new AdWords as a software as well.

    Data studio looks awesome! Is it any chance to use it in Thailand soon?

  22. Not before time that you have considered making this AdWords system a bit more user friendly…we don't want to have to take a degree in AdWords…just the ability to use the system quickly and efficiently.

  23. Geo-location is irrelevant to our business. We are a service provider. Potential customers don't care if we are in their vicinity. It seems everything Google is doing now with AdWords is geared towards retailers, for which location is key. What about other businesses for which location is irrelevant?

  24. Thank you for sharing. What would it help if linking my YouTube channel to an AdWords for video account?

  25. I think the Adwords update is great. Marketing hasn't really changed as far as customer psychology over the last 100 years, however, the way we execute on these behaviors has. Over the last 20-30 years we've gotten use to billboards, newspaper ads, radio ads, TV commercials, etc.

    Google is making the necessary adjustments to get in front of consumer eyeballs, and since we live in a mobile first world, they've made a serious attempt to put the end user experience as easy as possible whether that be on a cell phone, tablet, or computer.

    I think the adjustments are wonderful. The web 2.0 has serious possibilities for optimization. I'm excited for the roll outs!

  26. This was a great presentation. In particular, the section starting at 33:21 featuring Brad Bender was particularly engaging. The story telling was thoughtful and certainly relatable. It was truly a master class in articulating technology to the average person.

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  29. When Sridhar mentioned Bombay/Mumbai in the beginning, a picture came up on the big screen representing Bombay. The monument in that picture is India Gate, which is in New Delhi not in Mumbai/Bombay. May be the slide makers confused it with Gateway of India, which is in Mumbai. Image appears at 2:45 in the video, first image on left side of Sridhar.

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