GEICO has a Data Protection Strategy that is Ready for Anything

Hey y’all! I’m Amy Jo Rector. That’s a classic southern belle name from southern Virginia. I’ve worked for Geico for about 17 years now in IT, so as you can imagine, I have seen just about everything. So, how has Commvault made me more than ready, you ask? well I could give you user story after user story about
how someone has needed a backup or a restore, but that gets boring when you do that on a day to day basis. So let me give you an example that’s not as boring. You see, Geico is growing leaps and bounds across the United States. We are either popping up new datacenters or we are taking
smaller datacenters and booming them into larger datacenters. Recently, out in Tucson, we had that situation where
we took a small datacenter and made it into a larger one. So, everything is going great, a big, white,
beautiful office is set up, backups are going, and then a user gets wind that the lease on
the old building is going out prior to the retention. Panic goes in across the board,
thinking there is a potential for data loss. That’s when my team was more than ready —
See what I did there? And we were able to say that your data was safe,
it has been copied off somewhere. We can restore anything and everything
that your heart desires, when you want it to. So lets take another example of something
that is not as structured like that. Did anybody have the situation with Dorian last month
where that hurricane was coming in hot and heavy and ready to hit anywhere on the east coast?
From Florida all the way through Virginia? Well we did, it was supposed to hit landfall on a Friday night. My team didn’t panic at all. I mean they had their cell phones
on them in case we needed to restore something, but we didn’t worry; we knew the data was safe somewhere else. Now, Commvault has me more than ready in my work life,
which allows me to enjoy my personal life, you see I have two daughters, one 2 and one 12. Yeah, you see that? That’s a lot right there. The two-year-old has this thing where she loves to play soccer
and she loves to parkour. which really just means jumping off
of any objects 2 feet tall or higher. The oldest is 100% soccer: indoor soccer, travel soccer,
school soccer, all the soccers you can imagine. This leaves me to be the quintessential
soccer mom every Saturday morning. The whole shebang, the big glasses, the cardigan,
the yoga pants, Starbucks coffee, fruit pouches, the backpack, fruit snacks, the whole thing. Everything but the minivan,
cause I’m not doing that yet, probably never. But what do my husband and I do for own sanity? Well, we like to compete. We do Tough Mudders,
we run half marathons, we hike mountains. Really I just sign him up for everything and he just
goes along with it because he is a great husband. But he’s not here so we won’t talk about that. We like to travel as well. My husband is a huge
Atlanta Falcons fan, and I am a huge Chicago Bears fan. Yeah, yeah, the Bears, yeah, I hear ya! So, my point is my life is always busy, I’m always going, and I wouldn’t be able to live the best life the way that I do
if Commvault didn’t have me more than ready. Thank you!

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