/g/pad? Libreboot Thinkpad T60 with Arch GNU/Linux

Howdy, so this is my t60. It was kind
of built from a bunch of parts laptops I purchased 4 t60s for about $40 at
Goodwill Computer Center two were used to make a t601 Franken
pad which is still a work in progress I think the backlight is dead I set up a
working t60p my parents house I think it’s had a 1600 by 1050 display it
wasn’t 4:3 unfortunately um and I made a regular 14-inch t-60 for libreboot
so to switch things up I installed arch linux and instead of debian this
time around the t60 comes in a few variants but this one has Intel graphics
and you know the 4:3 and 1400 by 1050 display but pretty much it’s like a
bigger socketed sorry … like a bigger socketed version of the x60 which is
like this one over here so I mean look at the size difference so anyways I
upgraded it to a core duo because our Core 2 Duo it was unlike the x60 the t60
is socketed so anyways both computers are easily Libre bootable although some
LCDs on the t60 won’t work with Libreboot there’s a list on their
website and there’s also if you have a T60 with ATI graphics you’re kind of out
of luck if you want to libreboot uhhhh You can compile a coreboot version with
extracted binary blobs so I guess the nicest thing over the x60 seems to be
the option for higher resolution displays the x60 comes
with a 1024 by 768 panel and although it’s very small like almost netbook
sized 1024 by 768 still is a little bit lacking and you can put like a 1600 by
1200 panel on the T60 and I think the one of the widescreen variants you put
like a 1900 by a 1200 panel which it’s kind of a lot there is actually a mod
for the x60 but you have to use to put like a 1400 by 1050 IPS panel in it but
it’s kind of expensive and requires a extender cable I think I’d have to look
it up though so anyways though sorry for that tangent um
I the t60 was built from leftovers of the Frankenpad. I did not get a $10 t60 I got a $10 t60 with some dead pixels so I stuck in a t6…. I got the t61
screen from the Franken pad and put it on top and it seems to be working fine
so here’s the original display that came on it anyways rather than that like it
has a soft spot where the hard drive is electrical taped and cardboard it in
but um at the moment this is the setup for it I guess okay so what are my first
impressions of Arc Umm… so far it seems alright it’s fairly easy to install
although you have to do manual partitioning and there isn’t a graphical
installer arc is a rolling release so it’s more likely to break but the
packages are a lot more up-to-date than something like deviance table since
Debian Sid broke USB support on the t60 right ah the Gateway I think it’s I
think Arch Linux is more stable than a Debian sid
overall though I think I still prefer using Debian it’s a little bit easier to
install I prefer apt-get to pac-man and arch
linux doesn’t have x86 32-bit support so I can’t even then install it on this
and I can install the latest one on here which would kind of defeat the point of
installing a you know a rolling release to get the latest packages so at the moment
I think I’ll stick with Debian’s dinosaur era packages but rock-solid
stability so I installed i3-gaps which was nice these i3-gaps is
actually in the package manager unlike in Debian so but I don’t know if maybe I
was using pacman wrong or something or maybe it’s just separated out but I had
to install D-menu and i3-status separately or as in debian you kind of just
install well you don’t install i3-gaps and there’s actually some github link
that generates a deb file where you can install i3-gaps from but it handles the
status and D-menu stuff with the i3 package so the main thing though the
most important thing is now I have a cool fat guy triangle so when I do a
screen fat check and just show the fat guy triangle oh and I guess some final
things if you’re wondering how the t60 aged just uh I’d say it’s perfectly usable in
2018 at least for most tasks it has a this t60 has a mechanical hard drive
so applications a little bit slower than if you have a SSD anyways have a
good weekend and sorry for the video hiatus I had I have uni now and I went
to Korea for a little bit


  1. you prefer debian!!
    Stable as dead body XD XD
    Actully I like debian but I use arch, it is jus bcz…
    you should take a look for Void

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's pronounced ar-ch. Also, https://archlinux32.org/ It has 32-bit Arch linux. You can even create dual boot iso's!

    You should build a real Frankenpad, it's quite nice. I didn't know how much I would love the 15" 4:3 screen until I used it. The 12" 4:3 on the x60 is convenient, but the T601F is arguably the best 4:3 laptop you can build. It cannot be librebooted or corebooted unfortunately. But the Middleton's bios is good enough to be productive. And it's upgradable, unlike the x60. I still have my librebooted x60 though haha.

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