Flat Tasarım #1 – Flat Saksı – Illustrator Çizim Dersi – Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Hi friends, today we’ll make a flat floral design along with you now 3 I’d give one color need not be too much color, I think because I already We want simple cute in a simple way we do now already cover the priority now You’ve seen the image, but the music facing each other on opposite It’s supposed to be the tomb’s set straight so I’m actually a little larger than the moment Let’s set up in a way that I grew up maybe they can regularly contact each other Of course I want to have a slightly larger leaves so of course I go now Let’s do something, but it also has to be downloaded before it is made up of what color I Check eat here so I mentioned this earlier, but I did not say too much know how I could not show all of you that have used something like them in this way We use it to create texture patterns Hani behold I actually quite appropriate I love and I’m bringing against inanimate full Now here I say that fully meet In fact, the merger was not a problem because our goal from close in there a little difficult subject or WhatsApp I do the work I’ll write more than one sheet of paper as follows 6-a Dayım now be improved in the same way wherein the point located slightly kalınlaştırıp the most suitable ones know this leaves us a little bit more than we’ll select the most lovable duties I want the image might look slightly cheap as distinguished Hani thanks I’m glad you’re back beautiful Anything can happen now that you just can not always identify immediately For example, I know that it leaves now erased as a leaf in the middle If you know anything, please say so in the comments that you write a bunch of little things Did you ashamed of it of course one also supposed to be on this side after having such To meet each other when you give waves than 2 Rod bars behold It also happens to make it look like blah blah blah I’m doing this because I want so much here Tell me now, I think is not appropriate Can you manage it here, though you know it place we stayed on the field or in the bottom remains not something I’m going to get how not translate I do not need to bother editing credits credits in the Quran’s profile picture Urfa here above can change the background can adjust boiler Meanwhile, the shape can adjust the direction you know this is not so on the internet can be something more you pay attention you can add them to have nice things, but I Let me tell you a little more natural Hani Hani how I need to show this in practice things You can do other kinds of work that you know a little something they install it from there download games I tell all of you know very well from long business thinking that it’s a result of the program so If there trying to do what’s in here with a lot of color in the color profile Add a can in its own colors already exist in eg antoine When you want to do something where there are both large variety of Pantone color catalog What will I give the brightness of the screen and can be in CMYK All of these things can be in an emergency Meanwhile Pantone catalog Bursa Culture catalogs are also working actively in both I said, CMYK and CMYK, Pantone has been recognized as a wide bay this man’s library program There’s something in there pants They also compatible program does not work only where Hani You know it’s Catalog app 8 colors or you find from your internet you know what the code tantrum, keep in mind that one more drink on the edge of your said pointed leaves one question I will say there is now a little below We have reached desired consistency is a bit like if I get down, I think now you say you’ll do it the end this is a bit too we do from the bottom Of course, it may be more pointed to a little thing like that will be compulsorily round already it does not completely close her round when you do this, but one of them When it touches the tip itself immediately clear whether there is such a shortage of ayrýlmýyor As you know there are going to continue doing his end it has a way of constantly closing I do not know now, but now I take them down like scratches But I’m clear that When one is making a copy of the following copy See also reflects As no need to copy and paste can immediately Sparrow here is not necessarily essential so that all these dorks, all weather like this I apologize bring all compounds I saw everything, but we live in the shadow of which there Hani There are also separate As we make this one will show her there soon be the same color in Photoshop No adjustment settings can also do the moment I do not have anything nice anymore favorite table So if I do come as wide would be low even beyond Funda here Did I think it looks fine was nice to be nice, but let’s see how beautiful or so I can take you now to do the job data will remain the same in the afternoon on the water right way You get a little gülelim certain that the Group’s extend middle of what I’m his partner As I have stayed here as a check and you will apply the same thing to this one I do not see such a better job in the meantime I wish I could see a similar I pull the thing I do when I said I liked the video I saw people on the internet So I said I understood seems difficult easy because you’re trying to do, because Nobody told us to tell the same old horse now in the same way as a little too easy 78 78 1 will expand inwards and the other side also caught something now to Drop We can adjust the shade I mentioned just now the same pose as much on Let’s say you are able to install anything because you can adjust the color of his shadow We’ll now turn it over furthermore provided color layers Amanda Medical Seyhan I go over now already ******* s like to be black now I close control I’m making fun of black opacity here says it will choose the normal is not normal Dropshadow drugs reaching the streets also have our superior you want Behold, it is not certain look beautiful as saying in the same manner in the following leaf Now we do not care Turn off all the lights and set the shadow of this pot only it was based database that you’re doing more than a certain line will then I want to finish it will be a little sports I get a part of this place straight Let’s open again, whether such rapid repetitive in the middle of a huge line layers I hate to keep saying that we are selling so they already control all the others Assuming that the same is that collectively we shrink a little more 3 Punto iend I think you will have to get a little more Whether Currently ago I have now appointed by him was very bold thing is what it covers in a flower artificial flowers at home to see the simple question as it had already pumpkin color green There is tolerance settings to choose only the color you choose when you download it objects to zero If we do choose to leave the others there now when you do that wealthy agency I will say that how well you say it blossom into a cute little leaf of I pitiştir matter of course now I’ll be more than fine lines will be cute flowers We finish this job as well as you do the following to you free of charge I will provide the links come easy.


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